Fantasy411: Week 17 advice, wisdom

July 24th, 2017 fantasy expert Fred Zinkie fielded questions from fans during a live Twitter chat (at @fantasy411) on Monday. Read through the best of the Q&A below. Questions and answers have been edited for clarity.

@Schumer21: What should I do with and ?

Zinkie: Continue to use Vargas for most matchups. But be selective about using Santana. Don't drop either one yet.

@JosephC74359195: Who should I drop out of , or ?

Zinkie: Drop Bautista. He isn't hitting for average or producing steals and RBIs.

@nmach10: looked good against Toronto in his first outing. Should I pick him up?

Zinkie: I want to see another start. The Blue Jays have really been slumping of late.

@halfway_cook: What should I do with ? Should I trade him?

Zinkie: Cabrera's trade value is likely too low at this point. You can bench him for now if you have other good options.

@D_Barrett18: Who will have a better second half of the season, or ?

Zinkie: Marte. Especially in roto formats.

@azito23: Should I drop for one of , , or ?

Zinkie: I would stick with Cain over those options.

@tyler_brodeur20: When do you think is going to get the call?

Zinkie: Early August.

@DarrenHill221: Should I drop for , in hopes that Lopez will get promoted?

Zinkie: I wouldn't make that switch. Lopez could have difficult matchups and may not thrive right away.

@davesull4: Which pitcher should I drop out of , , Cole Hamels and ?

Zinkie: Tough call, but getting rid of Hamels is my pick.

@DylansSports1: What should I do with ?

Zinkie: You should continue to start Faria. Overall, he has been very solid.

@AnthonyBiondo3: Please rank , and Nick Williams.

Zinkie: Bregman, Happ, Williams.

@Z_Nelsy: Should be added in all leagues?

Zinkie: Pretty much. Definitely in all roto leagues.

@JosephC74359195: Which pitcher should I drop out of , Jimmy Nelson or Danny Salazar?

Zinkie: Salazar. Berrios has terrific skills and Nelson has been excellent this year.

@tickster24: Please rank , , , , , .

Zinkie: Mazara, Calhoun, Gomez, Renfroe, Piscotty, Heyward.

@alfredo_gc: Do you prefer Yoan Moncada or Rafael Devers?

Zinkie: I'll take Moncada in roto and Devers in points leagues.

@jjthorn17: Would you rather have Yuli Gurriel or Rafael Devers?

Zinkie: Gurriel is safer. If Gurriel is the worst hitter on your team, I'll take Devers for the upside. If you have to depend on one, it's Gurriel.

@ReverendAdam2: Who should I start, or ?

Zinkie: Clippard, but keep your expectations low.

@acutonix: Should I drop , Mike Leake or ?

Zinkie: Drop Meyer.

@statcher5: Do you prefer Alex Bregman or Rafael Devers?

Zinkie: Bregman. But it's very close, and I am higher on Bregman than most others are.

@Beeweeze: Please rank , , and .

Zinkie: Cahill, Lugo, Suter, Snell.

@sowrongitsdyce: Do you prefer or Whit Merrifield?

Zinkie: Definitely Merrifield.

@qaqlqeqxq: Please rank , , and Jake Odorizzi.

Zinkie: Rodriguez, Porcello, Odorizzi, Sanchez.