Best way to binge baseball? MLB Film Room

September 8th, 2020

MLB Film Room has arrived, giving fans more access than ever before to watch, create and share baseball highlights and videos from the game we all love.

With’s newest video tool, you have the ability to create custom highlight reels to share on social media or your own website in just a few clicks. The search function puts a video library of more than 3.5 million clips at your fingertips, with 30+ filters to easily find exactly what you want.

Looking to create a reel of Fernando Tatis Jr.’s home runs against four-seam fastballs this season? You can do that. Or one of Jacob deGrom strikeouts on sliders in 2019? You can do that, too. The final out of the past three World Series? Go for it.

The possibilities are practically limitless, as’s video library includes every pitch thrown in MLB since 2017, as well as historical clips dating back to 1929.