MLB to consider raising bottom of strike zone

May 21st, 2016

Major League Baseball will seek to redefine the strike zone for the 2017 season, but any changes would have to be approved as part of the ongoing negotiations for a new Collective Bargaining Agreement.

At the Owners Meetings in New York this week, there was broad support during meetings of the Competition Committee to raise the lower part of the strike zone from the current definition of "the hollow beneath the kneecap." The committee felt that umpires were calling more pitches below the knee, which in turn led to fewer balls being put into play.

Owners hard at work on pace of play, CBA

The development was first reported by, which also suggested changes could be made regarding intentional walks. A source indicated that is unlikely, however.

The changes must first be approved by MLB's Playing Rules Committee, then by the Major League Baseball Players Association, but such amendments could be in effect for next season and help quicken the pace of play.