How every team’s big offseason addition is doing

May 3rd, 2023

Remember how much fun the offseason was? That was so much fun! was with three different teams at one point, huge-dollar deals were being signed left and right, every team seemed engaged in one way or another. It was one of the most purely enjoyable offseasons in years.

Eventually, though, all these big names actually have to go play baseball and produce what they were brought in to produce. And after the first month of play, well, some of them are doing exactly that, and some are doing … less than that.

Obviously, one month is too early to draw too many conclusions. But these games still all count. So how are the top new additions doing for each team after one month? Here’s a look.

All stats entering Monday.


Blue Jays: , LF
Key stat: .588 OPS
The defense has been what the Blue Jays were hoping it would be, but the offense has been a little slow going at the moment, with Varsho only hitting .194. The best hitter the Blue Jays brought in this offseason, so far, has actually been .

Orioles: , SP
Key stat: 4-0 record
The Orioles may not have brought in as many free agent pitchers as their fans might have wanted. But the one they have, Gibson, has been exactly what they wanted and needed. He’s averaging nearly six innings per start, and Baltimore is 5-1 in his outings.

Rays: , SP
Key stat: 3.00 ERA
Everything has gone right for the Rays so far, so why should their lone big free agent acquisition be any different? Despite a brief IL stint in April, Eflin is off to the best start of his eight-year career. (Because of course he is.)

Red Sox: , LF
Key stat: Ongoing 10-game hit streak since April 20
He got off to a miserable start, but a great way to break out of a funk is to hit two home runs in an inning. Both he and fellow addition  have been highlights for the Red Sox to this point.

Yankees: , SP
Key stat: 0 IP
He has yet to throw an inning due to a left elbow strain and back stiffness, and in fact does not seem especially close to doing so. Which is not ideal.


Guardians: , 1B
Key stat: .206 batting average
Bell got off to the sort of start that made you wonder if something in him may have broken when he was traded from Washington, but he has picked it up a bit lately. If the Guardians can get the star version of Bell, they could run away with this division.

Royals: , RP
Key stat: 99.5 mph average velocity on four-seamers
Quietly, very quietly, Chapman is putting up a strikeout rate (16.5 K/9) that rivals some of his peak seasons.

Tigers: , SP
Key stat: 5.47 ERA
After a year in the bullpen with Seattle, Boyd has returned to Detroit to pitch … almost exactly like he did every other year he was a starter in Detroit.

Twins: , SS
Key stat: .634 OPS
Maybe one of the smart things about Correa staying in small-market Minnesota is that fewer people are talking about how he’s hitting .202. Fair to say, that might not be the case in New York or San Francisco.

White Sox: , LF
Key stat: .333 SLG
How you feel about how Benintendi is doing may depend on your pre-existing views of him, because he’s essentially putting up his exact career numbers.


Angels: , RF
Key stat: .844 OPS
The Angels are always looking for that third leg of an offensive stool, and Renfroe’s hot start suggests that he could be that piece alongside  and .

Astros: José Abreu, 1B
Key stat: .536 OPS
It has been a dreadful start for the 2020 AL MVP, who still, somehow, doesn’t have a home run.

Athletics: , CF
Key stat: 11 stolen bases
The A’s were in a position to take a chance on the once-hot prospect, and he has been better so far than he ever was in the Brewers’ system.

Mariners: , OF
Key stat: .248 OBP
He has seven homers, which is fine, though the real power this team was looking for has come from , who is like a new acquisition of his own right now.

Rangers: , SP
Key stat: 13.4 K/9
deGrom has been all the Rangers could have possibly expected him to be: Terrific when he’s on the mound, but unable to stay on the mound. They now sit and wait, and hope, like the rest of us.


Braves: , C
Key stat: .973 OPS
The Braves were hoping that Murphy would be a perfect fit both at and behind the plate for a team that was already stacked. They’ve gotten that: Murphy has been among Atlanta’s best hitters.

Marlins: , 2B
Key stat: .500 OBP
Arraez’s average has dropped to … .438. Which is to say: He has been the best and most perfect Luis Arraez any of us could have hoped for.

Mets: , SP
Key stat: 0 IP
We’ll have to check back in when Verlander throws his first pitch for the Mets, which is scheduled to happen on Thursday afternoon in Detroit.

Nationals: , 3B
Key stat: .404 SLG
Of all the Nationals players signed essentially to serve as trade bait around the Deadline, Candelario is making the best case for himself right now.

Phillies: , SS
Key stat: 30.1 ft/sec average sprint speed
Turner is not the primary problem for the Phillies -- he can’t pitch, after all -- but he also felt like the exact perfect fit for the Phillies. He may still be, but he is in a wretched slump right now that has his OPS all the way down to a career-low .674.


Brewers: , C
Key stat: .779 OPS
Sure looks like the Brewers snuck their way into the Sean Murphy deal and got their catcher for the next five years.

Cardinals: , C
Key stat: .762 OPS
The other NL Central team to add a Contreras brother is very happy with how its new catcher is doing … but not much else.

Cubs: , SS
Key stat: .412 OBP
Despite having the longest season-opening home run drought of his career (which ended on April 27), Swanson has been everything else the Cubs could have possibly hoped for and one of the clear reasons for their better-than-expected start.

Pirates: , CF
Key stat: .830 OPS
Cutch looks incredible in his old uniform, and he’s hitting well, but his biggest contribution may be the vibes he has brought to this team, one of the best stories in baseball so far.

Reds: , 1B/RF
Key stat: .321 slugging percentage
The Reds don’t have a lot of good going on right now, and Myers is no different: He’s hitting .222, and you have to wonder how much time he has left.


D-backs: , C
Key stat: 70% caught-stealing rate
The D-backs will ultimately judge their offseason trade by how long Moreno is their catcher. So far, so good for the 23-year-old.

Dodgers: , DH
Key stat: .534 slugging percentage
He isn’t peak J.D. Martinez anymore, but he’s exactly what he has been for the last three years: a guy you want to have in your lineup every day. Unfortunately, he isn’t in the Dodgers’ lineup right now due to lower back tightness.

Giants: , RF
Key stat: 13.2% walk rate
Conforto has been what you might expect from a guy who missed a year: A bit spotty, but still working his way back, with a batting eye that clearly hasn’t left him.

Padres: , SS
Key stat: .914 OPS
The Padres were thought to have four potential MVP candidates heading into the season. Xander is hitting better than all of them.

Rockies: , LF
Key stat: .219 batting average
The primary problem with the Rockies has been their hitting to this point. Profar, who was excellent for the Padres last year, has very much contributed to this issue.