Selfie schtick highlights Wednesday's top GIFs

May 5th, 2016

Here are the Top GIFs from Wednesday's games, courtesy of @MLBgifs:

1. Selfie preservation

When the D-backs' Brandon Drury went into the stands at Marlins Park while chasing a foul ball, an opportunistic fan grabbed a quick selfie.

Gif: Brandon Drury foul-ball catch

2. Spreading his wings

Jose Bautista is a demonstrative guy, and not just when he hits a huge home run in the postseason.

Gif: Jose Bautista hand motion

2. Formula 509

This David Ortiz blast was the 509th of his career, tying Big Papi with Gary Sheffield for 25th on the all-time list, two behind Mel Ott.

Gif: David Ortiz HR

2. Head games

The Rangers' Hanser Alberto was hard at work in the dugout, creating this bubblegum bubble roughly the size of a human head.

Gif: Alberto blows bubble

5. Yo, Adrian!

The Dodgers' Adrian Gonzalez not only took on the Rays on Wednesday but also went after their mascot -- with giant boxing gloves.

Gif: Adrian Gonzalez Boxing with TB mascot

6. Trans-mitt

When Cubs lefty Jon Lester couldn't extract a comebacker from his glove, he improvised a solution, tossing his entire mitt to first baseman Anthony Rizzo for the out.

Gif: Lester Tosses Glove to Rizzo

7. Boom town

Giancarlo Stanton has been known to hit baseballs really, really far. This one was no exception, traveling a projected 436 feet, according to Statcast™.

Gif: Giancarlo Stanton HR