When was your team's last October win?

October 6th, 2021

It is difficult enough to reach the postseason, and even harder, once you’ve made it there, to win. Postseason wins should never be taken for granted. Because you never know how long it will take you to get another one.

So today, we step into the wayback machine -- some teams go further back in the machine than others -- and look at the last postseason victory for every MLB team. Only one current team has the ideal last postseason victory -- a win in the final game of the 2020 World Series. For almost every other team, the wait has lasted longer than it had hoped. Winning only makes you want more winning. The waiting is the hardest part.


Blue Jays -- Oct. 18, 2016, ALCS Game 4

The Indians were already up 3-0 in the series by this point, so the Blue Jays were mostly just delaying the inevitable. Aaron Sanchez was terrific in this one, and Josh Donaldson homered off Corey Kluber in this 5-1 win. No Blue Jay who played in this game remains on the roster today. (Box score)

Orioles -- Oct. 5, 2014, ALDS Game 3

The Orioles wrapped up a sweep over the Tigers behind 6 1/3 shutout innings from Bud Norris, and then Andrew Miller and Zack Britton finished off Detroit, outdueling David Price. The only Orioles runs in this 2-1 triumph came from a two-run homer from Nelson Cruz, who we all thought was old even then. The O’s were subsequently swept by the Royals in the AL Championship Series. (Box score)

Rays -- Oct. 24, 2020, World Series Game 4

Is there a team on this list with a more glorious, thrilling last postseason win than the Rays? Sure, the next two World Series games went the wrong way on them, but that is almost made up for by the insanity of this one. Down one run with two outs in the bottom of the ninth, Brett Phillips poked a little looping fly ball over the second baseman’s head … and then all heck broke loose. It was the best postseason moment in Rays history. I’m not sure baseball gets wilder and more fun than this. (Box score)

Red Sox -- Oct. 5, 2021, AL Wild Card Game

Returning to the postseason for the first time since their 2018 World Series victory, the Red Sox took down their bitter rivals with a dominant 6-2 victory over the Yankees at a packed Fenway Park. They got a strong starting performance from Nathan Eovaldi, and the offense was carried by homers from Xander Bogaerts and Kyle Schwarber. (Box score)

Yankees -- Oct. 8, 2020, ALDS Game 4

Against the Rays, a team who emerged as the new (if perhaps temporary) AL East rival for the Bombers, the Yankees got four innings from Jordan Montgomery and then five shutout innings from the bullpen triumvirate of Chad Green, Zack Britton and Aroldis Chapman to force a Game 5. The Rays had only three hits, and the Yankees were so good they even got postseason superstar Randy Arozarena to go 0-for-4 in a playoff game. That bullpen would end up springing a pretty epic leak a game later, though, with Chapman giving up that infamous homer to his old nemesis Mike Brosseau. (Box score)


Indians -- Oct. 6, 2017, ALDS Game 2

This was a fantastic 13-inning game that ended with a Yan Gomes single off the Yankees’ Dellin Betances, who was in his third inning of work. The 9-8 win gave the Indians a 2-0 series lead, and they looked well on their way to their second consecutive ALCS. But the Yankees won the next three, and the Indians were swept by the Astros in the AL Division Series a year later. (Box score)

Royals -- Nov. 1, 2015, World Series Game 5

One of three teams in baseball whose last postseason win was a World Series clincher. This game went 12 innings, with the Royals scoring two in the ninth to tie it and then five in the 12th to put the Mets away with a 7-2 victory. (Box score)

Tigers -- Oct. 16, 2013, ALCS Game 4

The Tigers looked set up for one or two more postseason runs yet to come when they tied this ALCS at 2 with a convincing 7-3 win behind Doug Fister. But they lost the next two to the Red Sox, were swept by the Orioles the next season and now look a long way from their next postseason trip. (Box score)

Twins -- Oct. 5, 2004, ALDS Game 1

Did you realize it has been this long since the Twins won a postseason game? This came on a gem from Johan Santana in a 2-0 win over the Yankees. Minnesota has been to the postseason four times since this game ... and has been swept every time. (Box score)

White Sox -- Sept. 29, 2020, Wild Card Series Game 1

The first White Sox postseason win in almost 12 years was nearly an immortal one: Lucas Giolito had a perfect game through six innings before giving up a single to Tommy La Stella in the top of the seventh to give the A’s their first baserunner. The game itself was never really in doubt, with the White Sox cruising after homers from Adam Engel, Yasmani Grandal and José Abreu. The White Sox would end up losing the next two games. Fun trivia factoid: The White Sox have just one postseason win since 2009, while new skipper Tony La Russa has 11 postseason victories during that same span. (Box score)


Angels -- Oct. 22, 2009, ALCS Game 5

This 7-6 win against the Yankees was, of course, a few years before Mike Trout arrived ... which allows us to remind you once again that Trout, amazingly, has still never won a postseason game. The Angels, of course, would lose Game 6 to the Yankees, who went on to win their most recent World Series crown. (Box score)

Astros -- Oct. 16, 2020, ALCS Game 6

After a losing season, the Astros went on a postseason run that salvaged some good feeling from what was a difficult 2020, start to finish. And after this win, Houston was one win away from returning to the World Series. Framber Valdez, who probably would have won the ALCS MVP Award had the Astros won Game 7, threw six innings and gave up just one run for his third win of the postseason (a remarkable achievement considering the way starting pitchers are used in 2020), and Carlos Correa, the day after his walk-off homer in Game 5, had three hits. (Box score)

A’s -- Oct. 7, 2020, ALDS Game 3

Losing to their division rivals in the ALDS was a difficult pill to swallow for the A’s, particularly since it happened at Dodger Stadium, a place that has been cruel to the A’s over the years. After falling behind 2-0, Oakland did rally to extend the series in Game 3, hitting five homers off five Astros pitchers. (Box score)

Mariners -- Oct. 20, 2001, ALCS Game 3

This 116-win Mariners team looked like itself for the last time in crushing the Yankees by a score of 14-3, but Seattle only staved off the inevitable five-game series defeat. And, yes, we have to say it: This is the last time the Mariners made the playoffs. (Box score)

Rangers -- Oct. 9, 2015, ALDS Game 2

The Rangers surprised everyone by taking a 2-0 lead on the heavily favored Blue Jays after beating Toronto, 6-4, in 14 innings, but Texas lost the next three. The next six, actually: The Blue Jays swept the Rangers in the ALDS the next season. (Box score)


Braves -- Oct. 15, 2020, NLCS Game 4

If you saw this blowout win, one that featured two Marcell Ozuna homers and Atlanta continuing to pour it on in the late innings, and thought, “Wow, the Braves have this series now that they’re up 3-1,” well … you are obviously not a Braves fan. But this one was a thrilling win, one that made you wonder if maybe it would be different this time around. This was also the last game in the 2020 postseason in which Clayton Kershaw wasn’t great, by the way; he gave up four runs in five innings in this one. The Braves, alas, would remain one mere game away from advancing. (Box score)

Marlins -- Oct. 2, 2020, Wild Card Series Game 2

The story of this series was more the Cubs’ lack of offense than it was anything particularly powerful the Marlins did -- but that would also be selling Sixto Sánchez short. Sánchez was fantastic in shutting down the Cubs over five scoreless innings. Chicago would end up scoring just one run in the two games, and in Game 2, the homer Garrett Cooper hit off Yu Darvish in the seventh inning would prove to be more than enough. The two wins in this series were the Marlins’ first postseason wins in 17 years. (Box score)

Mets -- Oct. 30, 2015, World Series Game 3

Another happy reason to remember David Wright: He homered and had four RBIs in the Mets’ last postseason victory, a 9-3 drubbing of the Royals. Just don’t ask Mets fans about the two games that followed. (Box score)

Nationals -- October 30, 2019, World Series Game 7

Nationals fans may have some vague recollection of this game. They were down 2-0 in the top of the seventh until they suddenly, gloriously, were not. Howie Kendrick’s go-ahead two-run homer is the one that everyone remembers the most, but it was Anthony Rendon who finally broke the shutout with a homer of his own just two batters earlier. The Nationals ended up with their first World Series title … which is the perfect way to have your most recent postseason game end. (Box score)

Phillies -- Oct. 4, 2011, NLDS Game 3

The Phillies looked well on their way after taking a 2-1 series lead on an upstart Cardinals team with a 3-2 victory in Game 3. But three days later, Ryan Howard fell to the ground while making the final out in this 3-2 nail-biter of a series loss, and the Phillies, amazingly, have not reached the postseason since. (Box score)


Brewers -- Oct. 19, 2018, NLCS Game 6

I have to confess: After this electric 7-2 win by Milwaukee over the Dodgers, with Game 7 brewing at Miller Park ... I thought the Brewers were going to the World Series. (Box score)

Cardinals -- Sept. 30, 2020, Wild Card Series Game 1

The Padres might have been one of the most exciting young teams in baseball, but it was the old stalwart Cardinals who won the Padres’ first playoff game in more than a decade. St. Louis jumped on San Diego early, too, scoring four runs in the first inning, spurred by a homer from Paul Goldschmidt. The Cards would race out to a quick lead in Game 2, as well, but Fernando Tatis Jr. would end up having a say in what happened next. (Box score)

Cubs -- Oct. 18, 2017, NLCS Game 4

The Cubs salvaged one game against the Dodgers, winning Game 4 by a final of 3-2, before Los Angeles finished off the gentleman’s sweep. Did the Cubs ever imagine at this time this would be Joe Maddon’s last postseason victory with the Cubs? (Box score)

Pirates -- Oct. 6, 2013, NLDS Game 3

It looked so glorious for the Pirates at this point after beating St. Louis, 5-3. The Bucs had a 2-1 series lead over the Cardinals, with a riotous PNC Park crowd ready to take them home in Game 4. But Michael Wacha was brilliant for the Cardinals in that game, St. Louis took Game 5, the Pirates lost two straight Wild Card Games the next two years, and that was it for that. (Box score)

Reds -- Oct. 7, 2012, NLDS Game 2

Imagine how the previous decade of baseball history might have been different if the Reds -- who cruised to a 9-0 victory here against the Giants -- had hung onto their 2-0 series lead rather than drop three straight at home to the eventual champs. (Box score)


D-backs -- Oct. 4, 2017, NL Wild Card Game

The D-backs weren’t much of a match for the Dodgers in the NLDS, but this was a rollicking, enjoyable Wild Card Game win over the Rockies (final score 11-8), punctuated by Archie Bradley’s unexpected triple. (Box score)

Dodgers -- Oct. 27, 2020, World Series Game 6

The Dodgers had been waiting so long for this moment it feels almost churlish to insert myself into their celebration by speaking any longer. Just watch the clip and rejoice, Dodgers fans. (Box score)

Giants -- Oct. 10, 2016, NLDS Game 3

The Giants made this a closer series against the Cubs than many remember. After winning Game 3 by a 6-5 margin, they blew a lead in Game 4 that could have led to a decisive Game 5 that would have caused quite a many Cubs fans to sweat. (Box score)

Padres -- Oct. 2, 2020, Wild Card Series Game 3

Padres fans may remember the Game 2 barrage a little more vividly -- and heavens, that Tatis bat flip -- but this was the one that clinched their first series victory since 1998. What was most impressive about this win was that San Diego did it without a clear starting pitcher. The Padres used nine pitchers in nine innings in this game -- and they didn’t give up a single run. That’s not how they might have drawn it up, but it did the trick. (Box score)

Rockies -- Oct. 2, 2018, NL Wild Card Game

A joyous 2-1 upset of the Cubs at Wrigley Field in 13 innings set expectations for future success that, so far, have not been met. (Box score)