Who has highest attribute ratings in ‘The Show’?

The fastest, stongest and drag buntiest

March 20th, 2020

No one's perfect. Mariano Rivera occasionally blew a save. Steph Curry can miss a wide-open shot. Ken Jennings gets some things wrong on Jeopardy!

Even though these people aren't perfect, they are still the best in their fields. Rivera had the best cutter of all time. Curry may be the best shooter ever. In January, Jennings officially became the greatest Jeopardy! player of all time.

Only a handful of players can reasonably lay claim to the best player in baseball, but many players can claim to be the best in some aspect of the game -- running, bunting, coming up with nicknames.

Luckily, MLB The Show has figured out who holds these crowns, so we don't have to. Each aspect of a player's game from foot speed to arm accuracy to drag bunting -- it does not appear they have developed a rating for nickname generation -- is given a rating on a score from 1 to 99.

Your job now is to identify who has been given those coveted 99 ratings in various attributes. This is stuff you'll want to know if you ever find yourself in need of a pinch-runner or a big home run. Good luck! (If the quiz isn't displaying, click here.)