Max-nificent: Scherzer shines in top GIFs

May 12th, 2016

Here are the top GIFs from Wednesday's games, courtesy of @MLBGifs.

1. Hugs for history

Max Scherzer certainly earned this high-five and hug from catcher Wilson Ramos after becoming the fourth pitcher to strike out 20 batters in a nine-inning game.

Gif: Max greets Ramos

2. Cold shower for Scherzer

When do you not mind having buckets of ice-cold Gatorade dumped over your head? When you've just made baseball history.

Gif: Max Scherzer cooler shower

3. Thor's hammer

Hitting two home runs in a Major League game is impressive. Doing so when you happen to be a pitcher is on another level. The Mets' Noah Syndergaard showed the guys on the mound can rake, too.

Gif: Noah Syndergaard 2 HR

4. Special first pitch

A young Red Sox fan named Maverick Schutte got to throw out the first pitch to his hero, David Ortiz, at Fenway Park.

Gif: Fan first pitch

5. Papi's No. 1 fan

Schutte also got to cheer on Big Papi from the front row as the Red Sox beat the A's, 13-3.

Gif: Young Fan cheers David Ortiz

6. Warm welcome for Zimm

Longtime Nationals pitcher Jordan Zimmermann got a warm welcome from the Washington crowd before his first at-bat against his former team.

Gif: Zimmermann standing O