5 more Trade Deadline deals that make sense

Reddick to LA, Beltran to Cleveland among swaps that could benefit all involved

July 26th, 2016

On Tuesday, I broke down five trade deadline blockbuster scenarios. Here are five more deals that would be logical for both clubs involved.

to Dodgers

Los Angeles' offense has perked up as of late, thanks to 's production and the recent power surge of . But the Dodgers could use another bat, and the consistent Reddick is in the midst of a third straight season with an OPS+ above 115. Might this be a chance for the Dodgers to give the enigmatic a change of scenery? Puig is owed $14 million over 2017-18, which fits the A's budget, and they might be willing to roll the dice on his upside. Reddick is eligible for free agency this offseason, and it's likely his time in Oakland is coming to a close, anyway.

to Indians

Beltran, who has 21 homers and an OPS above .900, still has something left in his bat and could be a difference-maker as a corner outfielder/DH for Cleveland. His switch-hitting ability makes him a highly valuable depth piece. Left-hander Brady Aiken, Cleveland's No. 3 prospect, could be an interesting trade target for the Yankees in such a scenario.

Aiken, as you might recall, was the No. 1 overall Draft pick by the Astros in 2014 but went unsigned due to concerns about his elbow. He ended up needing Tommy John surgery and went 17th overall to the Indians in 2015. Aiken is still in Rookie ball and is a bit of a lottery ticket, but the upside is there.

to Mets

The Mets could use more bullpen depth, and like last year when they acquired from Oakland, they will likely trade for a reliever. Smith, who has fanned more than a batter per inning in his career, would be a good fit, and he's got two more years of arbitration after this, so he wouldn't be a rental. Including a pitching prospect like right-hander or lefty Thomas Szapucki -- the team's 13th- and 17th-best prospects, respectively -- might be an overpay, but it would be well worth it for a team in win-now mode.

to Nationals

With a 4.79 ERA, Street is admittedly having a down year, but the Angels probably wouldn't mind shedding the $7 million he's owed in 2017, so he probably wouldn't cost much. Street could come to Washington and set up for and close on the days when Papelbon is not available.

Street would then be a relatively affordable closer for the Nationals next season, after Papelbon becomes a free agent. If the Nats take on the money, they could make this deal without giving up any of their top prospects.

to Dodgers

We started with the Dodgers and we'll wrap up with them as well. Volquez, who is eligible for free agency this offseason, is a perfect fit for the back end of L.A.'s rotation, and with Kansas City below .500, it looks like the defending champs might sell. Look for the Dodgers to shop elsewhere but circle back to the Royals if they come up empty, offering a righty pitching prospect like or Walker Buehler -- the team's fourth- and eighth-best prospects, respectively -- as part of a package.