New, cooler spring jerseys, caps available

MLB shows off on-field Flex Base designs for all 30 clubs

January 28th, 2016

It's finally time for Zack Greinke to suit up for the D-backs, Todd Frazier for the White Sox, David Price for the Red Sox, Justin Upton for the Tigers, Johnny Cueto for the Giants, Jason Heyward for the Cubs, and all those other new faces in new places.
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What they and all the other ballplayers suit up in will be a key topic of conversation at the start of Spring Training, too. Major League Baseball, along with Authentic Collection partners Majestic and New Era, unveiled a new on-field look Thursday that includes lighter-weight uniforms, many new cap designs, specially-marked balls and other on-field elements.
The jerseys are a part of Majestic's new Flex Base uniform system, a design developed through insights from Major League players, innovative fabric technologies and extensive wear testing over the past two years. The new Flex Base uniforms feature a new, lighter-weight twill technology and mesh panels on the sides of the jerseys that reduce the overall weight of jerseys by 10-20 percent and enhance freedom of movement, which is significant to players.

These will debut in Spring Training and be worn throughout the regular season and postseason. Customize your favorite player's jersey at the just-relaunched now.
"Spring Training represents a unique blend of hope, excitement and anticipation for baseball fans, and we believe it deserves to be celebrated as a special event with a more cohesive look on our uniforms and fields," said Noah Garden, MLB executive vice president of business. "We are grateful to our partners at Majestic and New Era that continue to offer MLB clubs innovative new fabrications so players can perform at their highest levels, and unique designs that provide interesting extensions to team identities for our fans."
The primary logos of each Spring Training league, which includes a highway-like road sign with state initials, are located on both caps and jerseys. On the caps, patches of these logos are on the left side, while the right side features an embossed American League or National League logo. All jerseys will include the state logo patch on one of the sleeves.

The names and numbers on the backs of all jerseys will feature a sublimated Spring Training design pattern featuring Spring Training marks and the silhouetted batter logo. These sublimated designs are also found on the inside of the caps' crowns.
Spring Training jerseys photo gallery

A number of clubs have altered some part of their Spring Training jerseys, but the D-backs, White Sox and Rays have all-new designs. Arizona will wear its new red alternate jersey with faded black shoulders. The White Sox will feature that same "batter up" logo on the left chest. Tampa Bay will sport the bright sunburst alternate mark on the left chest.
Several clubs also will don newly designed caps this spring. Fitting for a reigning World Series champion, let's start with Kansas City, which now will include a crown over the top of "KC."
Spring Training caps photo gallery

Other key cap changes for Spring Training include the addition of a script capital "D" for the Dodgers; the D-backs' alternate cap featuring the snakehead logo, introduced in December; the White Sox' black cap highlighting their "batter up" logo in white stitching; Detroit's completely orange road cap; the Rangers' "T" with a new outline of the state of Texas behind it; and a Toronto cap that is navy and features a Maple Leaf in the same shade.
This week, the Brewers announced they will unveil a new alternate jersey and cap as well. The new set will feature the legendary "ball & glove" logo updated with the team's current navy color scheme and retro yellow. The uniform top will have the "Milwaukee" script displayed on the front with the updated logo on the sleeve. The Brewers will don the jerseys and caps on most Sundays, both at home and on the road.
Increased Spring Training imagery also will be featured on-field, consistent with how Major League Baseball brands jewel events. Rawlings baseballs will be stamped with Grapefruit League and Cactus League logos. The bases used in every Spring Training matchup will feature jewels of the league logos, as will the on-deck circles. Additionally, Spring Training fields are scheduled to be stenciled with the Grapefruit and Cactus marks, similar to the Opening Day, All-Star and Postseason field décor.