Mookie's daughter cheers him on during 3-HR game

Nobody was more excited for the Dodgers star's big night

August 14th, 2020

Mookie Betts hit three home runs against the Padres on Thursday night. It's the sixth time in his career he's hit three in a game -- tying Johnny Mize and Sammy Sosa for the most all-time. There's a ton of different versions of the three-dinger video: You can watch all three at once or you can watch one like you were there in the dugout, you can just stare at Mookie's smile after he deposited his third over the wall.

But the best one, the only one that truly matters, is Mookie's tiny two-year-old daughter jumping for joy at her dad's big night.

I think we may need a Kynlee Cam every game.