Yost not upset with events leading to dustup

Royals skipper also understands Salvy's response after Anderson's HR

April 29th, 2018

KANSAS CITY -- The morning after Royals catcher and White Sox shortstop exchanged heated words on the field and later through the media, Royals manager Ned Yost sat in his office and said he really had no issue with Anderson's celebratory antics.
Anderson led off Game 2 of the doubleheader on Saturday night with a home run and immediately began chirping as he headed slowly toward first base. Royals players said on Sunday that Anderson continued to chirp as he circled the bases.
When Anderson reached home plate, Perez told him essentially to cut it out.
After the game, Perez suggested that Anderson was being disrespectful. Anderson disagreed and said he simply was displaying energy and enthusiasm, and that he had no intention of changing.
Yost, though, sees both sides.
"Of course, the way things are going [with the Royals], you're not in the most jovial mood to begin with," Yost said. "So when he's screaming, it tends to [make you peeved]."
But Yost said he has come to understand that today's ballplayers express themselves differently from those during his playing days.
"This is totally different," Yost said. "It's a different generation. It's a different group. Back in my day, we had fun. But the fun we had was after the game in the bar. These guys have fun on the field. It's just a different generation.
"I'm all for it. I like having fun. Just do it right."
Of course, Yost's Royals teams over the years have been somewhat legendary for celebrations, from 's varoom-varoom hand gestures to Perez's own "Salvy Splash" after every home victory.
"No doubt," Yost said. "There were times I was wondering if we were over the top. That's why [Anderson] didn't bother me as much as Salvy. But Salvy is out there fighting, trying to get it turned down."