11 great new MiLB caps you'll see on the field in 2024

March 25th, 2024

Minor League Baseball is all about fun, and that extends to team logos and on-field caps.

A few MiLB clubs have rebranded or revealed new looks for their primary uniforms. Many, in keeping with the freewheeling spirit of the Minors, will be adopting creative alter-ego identities at various points throughout the 2024 season. Some just to spice things up. Some for MiLB's Copa de la Diversión festivities. Some to pay tribute to a local people or connection. Think of it as Halloween for your favorite Minor League team.

It’s the kind of reinvention and variety that only Minor League Baseball can provide.

Here are 11 wild new caps you’ll see in 2024:

Rome Emperors
High-A affiliate of the Braves -- new team name

Rome changed its name from the Braves to the Emperors in November, and now comes their new home cap featuring the most well-known emperor in the animal kingdom: a penguin. A penguin clad in a toga, to be precise. Holding a baseball bat, posing like the king of the diamond. That’s what you call a new groove.

Northwest Arkansas Naturals
Double-A affiliate of the Royals -- new logo and uniform set

The Naturals have a few new caps, including some that pay tribute to the natural beauty of the Ozark Mountains that define the local landscape. Poultry also defines the local landscape -- Tyson Foods is based in the Naturals’ home of Springfield -- and therefore one cap comes with a celebratory poultry poster boy. Um … naturally … it stands out. There is nothing else quite like the blue and yellow rooster cock-a-doodle-doing amid a bright red backdrop. It needs to be seen -- and maybe worn -- to be believed.

Jersey Diners
Double-A affiliate of the Yankees -- new alternate identity of the Somerset Patriots

New Jersey is the diner capital of the world. Somerset’s new Jersey Diners hat introduces a fresh logo: a smiling, bow-tied coffee mug that looks nothing if not willing and eager to brighten up your trip with whatever is inside. With a snazzy blue, white and pink color scheme, it’s as welcoming as a neon 24-hour diner sign on the side of the road.

Spokane Cafecitos
High-A affiliate of the Rockies -- new Copa de la Diversión identity of the Indians

The Pacific Northwest and Latin America share a connection to serious coffee scenes, and the Cafecitos’ bright, peppy jolt of a new cap reflects that. The logo is a happy-go-lucky cup of coffee quite literally overflowing with joy against a yellow and orange-splashed design. Just the kind of thing to boost your spirits, like a strong cup of joe can do.

Greensboro Grasshoppers
High-A affiliate of the Pirates -- new logo and uniform set

The Grasshoppers' titular mascot is mischievous. At least, it seems that way on Greensboro’s new cap, looking from the center of an orange G like it’s up to no good -- in the best way possible. The green and orange color scheme is a showstopper, and the grasshopper's personality shines in this fresh new look.

Luces de Buffalo
Triple-A affiliate of the Blue Jays -- new Copa de la Diversión identity of the Bisons

“Luces de Buffalo” pays homage to Buffalo's “City of Light” nickname, which was bestowed upon New York’s second largest city for its early adoption of electricity at the turn of the 20th century. The nifty teal and black cap is centered by a sun/light Taino symbol logo, which “represents the indigenous roots of the Hispanic people who have lived and continue to thrive in Western New York,” according to the team.

Great Lakes Pontooners
High-A affiliate of the Dodgers -- new alternate identity of the Loons

Pontoon boats are all about fun, as Great Lakes’ new cap illustrates. The sky blue and navy color scheme provides an aquatic backdrop for the boat to cruise atop. If the silhouetted driver wasn’t wearing a cap himself, you could almost see the wind blowing his hair back on a breezy summer day. It’s no secret what he’s up to. It's a joy ride.

Wichita Chili Buns
Double-A affiliate of the Twins -- new alternate identity of the Wind Surge

For those wondering what a chili bun actually is, Wichita’s new caps leave little room for interpretation. There is a chili bowl. There is a cinnamon bun plopped right in the middle of it. There is a simple red and beige color scheme that seems to say: “Relax, and have a bite …” and then nods approvingly as you say, “Yum.”

Reading Cream Chipped Beef
Double-A affiliate of the Phillies -- new alternate identity of the Fightin Phils

This homage to a Pennsylvania Dutch specialty turned Philadelphia-area culinary favorite also tells you exactly what it is. That’s cream chipped beef, right there, piping hot on a slab of toast. Against a backdrop of vintage baby blue and red Phillies colors, it not only looks delicious. It looks undeniable.

Perros Bomberos de Peoria
High-A affiliate of the Cardinals -- new Copa de la Diversión identity of the Chiefs

Sound the alarm, because Peoria’s new Perros Bomberos (translation: fire dog) hat is smoking hot. It features Homer the Dalmatian decked out in firefighting gear, holding a flaming tomahawk in his mouth amid a hot pink and neon green color scheme that inspires hope as much as it sizzles.

Barberton Fried Chicken and Hot Rice
Double-A affiliate of the Guardians -- new alternate identity of the Akron RubberDucks

Akron’s typical RubberDucks mascot is fun, family-friendly and inviting. Their fried chicken alter ego has a different personality, formidable as he stands poised to swing a chicken wing from the center of the new fiery black and red cap. It captures the flavor distinctive to fried chicken and hot rice, a rice and tomato sauce side dish that was first served at a Serbian restaurant in nearby Barberton, Ohio, in 1933.