Oct. 6 John Farrell postgame interview

October 7th, 2016

Q. Can you talk about Porcello, how big a hole will this put the Sox being down 0-1?

It was a combination of pitches up in the strike zone and a night where this ballpark played extremely small. Warm weather, the ball was carrying a lot. Uncharacteristic for Rick to be up in the strike zone as much as he was. We were probably about the sixth or seventh inning where there were two outs made on the ground. We were up in the strike zone and they made us pay for it.

Q. How big a play was it on the fifth?

Yeah, in one-run games, 90 feet are going to be pivotal moments. With Perez tagging up, the deep fly ball carried back to the track, I can't say he was surprised by it, but ideally you'd like to see a guy get back and work through the catch.

So that in addition to a dirt ball that I think Marco, his read at second base, where we've got a chance to advance 90 feet was directly back at him.

Q. You thought Andrew could have made the play a little quicker?

The way it turns out, you'd ideally like to see him get back and work through the ball, to give him some momentum to throw. In the end it cost us 90 feet.

Q. What did you think of Terry turning to so early in the game?

That's a decision on his part. He's brought in Andrew Miller in many different parts of the ballgame, so I'm not surprised.

Q. What's your view of the final out with Pedroia?

It was a check swing at a ball in the dirt. At real-time it's a borderline call. After you get a chance to look at video, he swung.

Q. You guys are such a good offensive team. 14 strikeouts tonight, was it your guys being aggressive?

We expanded the strike zone, below the strike zone with hard biting breaking balls.

Credit where its due. They threw very good stuff. Their best guys at us, with power fastballs and very sharp finishing type breaking balls. They expanded the strike zone and we offered.

Q. Also seemed like he wasn't phased.

Not at all. Put a beautiful swing on the pitch, when he gets in to give us the early lead. And stays on a decent pitch to roll -- the base hit through the right side with two outs in the ninth. On his part, very poised, very much under control.