Oct. 7 Brad Peacock workout day interview

October 7th, 2017

Q. Two-part question, number one what is it like being here in this situation and number two, after the win in game Game 2 said, as a whole, taking your body of work, you might be the MVP?

BRAD PEACOCK: It's just a crazy year for me. I've been through a lot in the last couple years, but it's brought me here and I'm just excited to be able to pitch in the postseason and it's going to be pretty cool. What Brian said means a lot. I worked hard over the last couple years and just glad to see it all paid off.

Q. How did you find out you were getting the Game 3 start?

BRAD PEACOCK: I saw it on TV last night.


No, they told me, but.


Yeah, they told me and couldn't be more excited, just going to go out there relaxed and just have some fun, for sure.

Q. I'm sure you don't know an exact count, but any idea how many times your dad has traveled, actually seen you pitch since you've been in Major League Baseball? Obviously he was at the two Houston games, he will be here, and just that commitment, that relationship you guys have together?

BRAD PEACOCK: I mean, in the past, I don't know, ever since I signed in 2007 he's probably missed 10 starts maybe. He retired just to do that. Once I got into junior college he retired as a police officer just to follow me around. So it's awesome that he can do that and it's special that he can be here every start. And I think he has, I don't know, a thousand base balls that I throw up to him right when I get done warming up, so it's pretty cool.

Q. Pitching out of the stretch was that kind of a foregone conclusion when they moved you to starter, just because you had been a reliever to start the season or did someone talk you into doing that?

BRAD PEACOCK: I did it myself. I just felt like I couldn't repeat my delivery out of the windup, so I just simplified it and, yeah, just went out of the stretch and just kept it simple, for sure.

Q. You've pitched in some big games already this season, you said it yourself you're just going to go out and be relaxed. Is that just your nature, even in a situation like this tomorrow?

BRAD PEACOCK: Obviously, it's going to be hard pitching here and on the road, but, yeah, I'm just going to try to stay as relaxed as I can and just have some fun out there and not worry about anything but making pitches, for sure.

Q. If someone would have told you in February that you would be here in Fenway Game 3, starting for the Astros, what would you have said?

BRAD PEACOCK: I would have told them they were crazy. But just being here is special for me. Been humbled along the way, been injured along the way, and just makes it that much more special for me, for sure. Biggest start of my career and hopefully I can keep saying that as it goes on for sure.

Q. When Spring Training was coming to a close what was kind of your mindset, your confidence at that point, not knowing what was going to happen and how has that changed since then?

BRAD PEACOCK: I kept a good head on my shoulders in spring. I knew I had a pretty slim chance of making the team and one of the guys went down and I ended up making the team as a long man and I was just happy to do that. Just happy to be on the team. And then we had a couple guys go down and they chose me to be a starter and I just ran with it. A lot of help from Strommy and McCann, just how he handles his business, calls pitches. He gets there, he's the first one on the field every day, just looking at video and just trusting him back there, for sure, is key.

Q. How much confidence does what your offense has been able to do the last two games give you going into tomorrow?

BRAD PEACOCK: They have been a lot of fun to watch. They have been doing that all year. I think I led the league in run support and that's why I've had a good season, just going out there and relaxing, knowing they're going to score runs for me. Hopefully I can keep that going and keep the confidence and the energy as it was the first two games.

Q. When you were first with the Astros there was a time, and not just the losing years, but maybe they had one or two known players and now it's multiple players and the one through four, , , Bregman, Correa, what's it like when you're on a team and you have a young core like that that you know they can, not just put up runs but they're going to be with the franchise for a long, long time?

Video: [email protected] Gm3: Peacock on watching his teammates play

BRAD PEACOCK: It's awesome. I played with Springer and Bregman in the minor leagues and just watching Correa come up, I knew they were going to be something special and they were just unbelievable, fun to watch, bring high energy. And it's what you need, you need a bunch of -- a good group of young guys that keep everybody up on their toes and they're just fun to watch every day, for sure.