Have you seen a center fielder tag out a runner at home plate? You're about to!

May 25th, 2024

Griffin Bruns only knows one way to play baseball: All-out.

On Friday, the Ohio high schooler showcased that one of the most unique plays you’ll ever see at ANY level. Manning center field for Marion Local High School in Friday’s district final against Fort Recovery High School, Bruns proved to be quick on his feet -- in more ways than one.

With one out in the top of the sixth, the junior outfielder scooped up a bloop single over the head of Marion Local infielders Parker Hess and Ian Rindler. Fort Recovery hitter Caden Grisez, realizing no one was covering second, took the turn and headed for the base. Bruns had no shot to beat him to the bag -- but the play wasn’t over.

But no one was covering third, either, so Grisez kept right on going with Bruns trailing in his wake. Marion Local’s catcher pulled up to third base a few seconds too late, leaving home plate also uncovered.

Or so Grisez thought. Bruns -- by that time where a shortstop might stand -- realized what was happening and sprinted home with the baseball, arriving just in time to slap a diving tag on Grisez for an unbelievable out. (Score that one as a triple with an 8-unassisted putout, for the record.)

Although Grisez wasn't quite able to score on the play, he still finished the game 3-for-4 with two RBIs and a run scored -- plus 5 1/3 innings on the mound with seven strikeouts. He helped Fort Recovery hold onto its 11-3 lead to advance to the Division 4 regional semifinals -- and he was even willing to laugh at himself a bit after the fact.