Padres 'disappointed' by Chargers' relocation

San Diego becomes lone market with MLB as only major pro sport

January 12th, 2017

SAN DIEGO -- The Padres assumed the mantle as San Diego's lone major professional sports franchise on Thursday, after the Chargers announced their plans to relocate to Los Angeles.

As a result, San Diego -- which played host to the Chargers for 56 years -- is now the only market to feature a Major League Baseball team without another major sports franchise in town.

Padres ownership reacted to the news Thursday, as executive chairman Ron Fowler and managing partner Peter Seidler released a statement.

"We are deeply disappointed by the news that the Chargers are leaving San Diego," the statement read. "The Chargers are a community treasure, and we have always believed that San Diego is better off with the team here. That said, we know San Diego will continue to grow and become an even more vibrant community."

The Pacific Coast League edition of the Padres held the distinction as the city's only sports franchise until the Chargers came to San Diego in 1961. But since they joined the Majors in '69, the Friars have shared the major professional sports landscape with their NFL neighbors. The two teams even split Jack Murphy Stadium from '68 until 2004, when the Padres moved into Petco Park.