Remembering Ruly Carpenter

September 15th, 2021

Ruly Carpenter, the club’s former owner and president from 1972-81, died on September 13 in Wilmington, DE. He was 81.

Ruly’s grandfather purchased the Phillies following the 1943 season. His dad (Bob) served as president of the club until Ruly succeeded him. At 32, Ruly was the youngest owner in major league baseball. The Carpenter family owned the Phillies through the 1981 season, longest ownership in franchise history.

Under Ruly’s leadership, the Phillies won three consecutive division titles from 1976-78 and, in 1980, the first World Series championship.

“Ruly was a consummate professional sports team owner. A third-generation local businessman, he believed in developing not just your players from within, but also your front office. Ruly was the driving force in promoting both Paul Owens and Dallas Green, and collectively, the three oversaw one of the greatest eras in Phillies history. They built a team anchored by the greatest player and pitcher in Phillies history, Mike Schmidt and Steve Carlton, that won four NL East division titles and Philadelphia’s first World Series championship in 1980. Ruly’s influence has been and will continue to be felt for decades in the Delaware Valley. On behalf of the Buck and Middleton families, I extend my deepest condolences to the Carpenters,” Phillies Managing Partner JOHN MIDDLETON.

“Such a sad day by losing Ruly. I considered him a great friend. He was so influential in the Phillies winning the World Series in 1980. He became the owner when all of us young guys were coming up to the majors. That is when he and Pope started putting together the roster that became World Series champions. He was a special person. I will miss him so much. We all loved Ruly.” BOB BOONE.

“I am heartbroken to hear that we lost Ruly today. He was truly a special person and a wonderful husband, father and grandfather. Ruly was a tremendous influence on my baseball career but more than that, he was a dear friend. He meant so much to so many people and his commitment to the City of Philadelphia and the Phillies will never be forgotten. My heart goes out to Stephanie and the rest of the Carpenter family. I will miss him dearly. Rest in peace, my friend.” LARRY BOWA.

“Ruly Carpenter was a great friend and a special owner. Passionate about winning, we welcomed his presence in the clubhouse and always thought of him as a teammate or an equal and he treated us the same way. My heartfelt condolences to the Carpenter family.” STEVE CARLTON.

“I met Ruly and his father, Bob, in 1972 after I had signed with the Phillies at the age of 18 out of high school. Ruly’s office was in the minor league department. Thankfully, Ruly called off a trade with Detroit when Paul Owens traded me and Bob Boone for Freehan and Northrop. Ruly loved to come down in our locker room after a game and turn a chair around, sit down and talk baseball with the players. He was such a good man and I know we all loved and respected Ruly and the entire Carpenter family.” LARRY CHRISTENSON.

“Ruly was a wonderful man who loved the game of baseball. In 1969, he and his father, Bob, hired me to work for the Phillies and over the ensuing 12 years treated me and my family like their own. He was a great person to work for. Ruly loved the scouting side of the game and followed our minor league system very, very closely. He was as fine a human being as I’ve ever known and I send my condolences to the entire Carpenter family.” BILL GILES.

“I am sorry to hear of the passing of Ruly. I had nothing but great respect for him. I met him in 1968 when he owned the Phillies. It would take me a lot longer to express my thoughts about Ruly, but he was a great man, baseball owner, friend, father and grandfather. My condolences go out to Stephanie and the entire family. Rest in peace, Ruly.” GREG LUZINSKI

“Ruly was a great owner who loved his players. He gave me a chance to play for the Phillies, which I greatly appreciated. Ruly was a very positive man and a good friend, who I always loved being around.” PETE ROSE.

“Donna and I were deeply saddened by the news of Ruly Carpenter’s passing. The Carpenter family, especially Ruly, left a huge imprint on my life. He was very instrumental in putting the 1980 World Championship team together. I will remember Ruly most for his honesty, integrity and the friendship we had for over 45 years. Ruly will be missed by everyone whom he touched. We will pray for God’s comfort to be with Stephanie and the Carpenter family during this time.” MIKE SCHMIDT.