Phillies' first-inning runs becoming popular sports bet

June 29th, 2023

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The Philadelphia Phillies averaged 0.31 first-inning runs in road games during the 2022 regular season, the fifth fewest in MLB. They scored at least one first-inning run in 21% of road games, the fourth fewest.

The Phillies are averaging 0.72 first-inning runs in road games this season, the second most in MLB. They’ve scored at least one first-inning run in 33% of road games, the ninth most in MLB.

That’s why the Phillies have become one of the best YRFI teams in baseball.

YRFI (yes run first inning) and NRFI (no run first inning) are the fourth-most-popular type of MLB bet at BetMGM, behind only run line, moneyline, and over/under total. If you bet on YRFI odds, you’re betting at least one first-inning run is scored by either team. If you bet on NRFI odds, you’re betting zero first-inning runs are scored.

At approximately the halfway point of the regular season, the Phillies’ overall YRFI percentage of .557 ranks sixth. Their road YRFI percentage of .386 ranks first.

It’s a dramatic shift from last season, when their YRFI bets hit in just 33 of 81 road games, a YRFI percentage of .407 that ranked third lowest.

And while Phillies opponents’ first-inning offensive numbers output is up this season — 0.77 runs per game, up from 0.43 in 2022 — it’s been non-existent this month. They’ve allowed a first-inning run in only one of the last 15 games, which includes an active streak of 11 games with zero first-inning runs.

If the Phillies don’t allow a run in the series finale against the Chicago Cubs on Thursday, they’ll finish June with two first-inning runs allowed, making their YRFI dominance even more impressive.

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