Pirates fan gets foul ball without being at game

How did that happen?

August 11th, 2020

Due to COVID-19, fans have not been allowed at Major League Baseball games this season. It's unfortunate. They can't stand and yell with 45,000 others when a ball sails over the outfield fence, they can't hear their team's victory song blare over the loudspeakers, they can't even be embarrassed on Kiss Cam.

But, as the Pirates made clear over the weekend, they can still take home a souvenir baseball.

Yes, any time a ball lands in the seat of a season ticket-holder at PNC Park, the Pirates will send that person the ball with a note in the mail. It's a pretty cool gesture -- allowing people who dedicate their time and money to the team every season to still feel like they were there. Other teams like the Cubs and A's are doing similar promotions.

It's also much easier than going after foul balls in person which, let's face it, can sometimes get a bit dicey.