Check out these hits off pitches that bounced

April 19th, 2023

When it comes to hitting, there's turning nothing into something -- and then there's ... well, what these players accomplished. Below is a list of some of the most recent examples of batters getting a base hit off a pitch that literally bounced before making contact with the bat.

Nick Ahmed -- April 18, 2023
Ahmed, a Gold Glove winner at shortstop, is no stranger to fielding bad bounces on defense. But who knew he could do it with the bat? The D-backs veteran got a curveball from Cards starter Jordan Montgomery that didn't quite make it the requisite 60 feet, 6 inches. No matter: Ahmed knocked the ball off the bounce for a two-run, go-ahead double. It prompted a tweet from Hall of Famer and expert bad-ball hitter Vladimir Guerrero: "I've seen this before 😂".

Abraham Toro -- Aug. 23, 2021
This might be the definition of an "excuse me single." Toro tried to check his swing on this slider in the dirt, but wound up putting the equivalent of a gorgeous bunt down the third-base line for a hit.

Billy Hamilton -- July 7, 2021
Hamilton did his best cricket impression with a check swing against the Twins. "What in the world was that?" asked White Sox broadcaster Jason Benetti. The ball bounced in front of the plate, but Hamilton made contact anyway, then sped down to first for a single.

Corey Dickerson -- June 26, 2019
As you'll see, Dickerson is no stranger to turning a bouncing pitch into a base hit -- or even an extra-base hit. That was the case here, as he blooped a bouncing pitch from Astros righty Chris Devenski into shallow right-center field, then hustled out of the box to turn it into a double.

Javier Báez -- April 8, 2019
Báez is fittingly nicknamed "El Mago" for the seemingly endless tricks he pulls off on the diamond, but this was special even by his lofty standards. With Pirates right-hander Jameson Taillon throwing a breaking ball low and away in the dirt, Báez threw his bat at the ball -- literally -- and somehow blooped a shot that just narrowly escaped the outstretched glove of shortstop Kevin Newman. Even Báez was shocked, flashing a smile and shrugging toward his dugout from first base.

Dee Strange-Gordon -- Sept. 20, 2017
Strange-Gordon met this Erik Goeddel pitch as it hit the ground, sending a chopper to the left side of the infield. The speedy Strange-Gordon made it down the line in 3.7 seconds while reaching an elite max speed of 31.2 feet per second en route to legging out an unlikley infield single.

Corey Dickerson -- May 30, 2017
Dickerson makes another appearance, this time against Rangers pitcher Nick Martínez. With the right-hander throwing a pitch that skipped just in front of home plate, Dickerson managed to connect off the bounce and drop a hit just inside the left-field field line. He easily legged out a stand-up double as the ball spun into foul territory along the wall.

JT Riddle -- April 12, 2017
In what has to be one of the most unusual first hits in MLB history, Riddle not only connected on a bouncing pitch, but he did so with a check swing. He initially froze as the ball trickled up the third-base line, but Riddle eventually made a break for first base and narrowly beat the throw to record his first career hit -- all with his parents watching along from the crowd.

Adonis García -- June 15, 2016
Anthony DeSclafani buried this 2-2 pitch in the dirt, with it skipping off the painted line in the left-handed batter's box. That didn't stop the right-handed-hitting García from reaching out and connecting off the bounce, sending a liner into left field for a base hit. The play perplexed everyone from Freddie Freeman, who went from second to third on the base hit, to home-plate umpire Marvin Hudson.

Corey Dickerson -- Sept. 13, 2013
Dickerson shows up on the list yet again, this time as a member of the Rockies. The bad-ball-hitting extraordinaire not only made contact on this Will Harris pitch in the dirt, but Dickerson ripped a one-handed line drive into right field for a leadoff double that ignited a decisive five-run rally for Colorado.

Vladimir Guerrero -- Aug. 14, 2009
Guerrero is often the first player people think of when it comes to naming guys who could hit just about any pitch. This example from 2009 sums it up, as the Hall of Famer lunged for a pitch that bounced well in front of the plate and looped it into left-center field for a base hit. With the Orioles likely in shock at what they just saw, they were caught out of place as Guerrero rounded first base, and the defense ultimately threw the ball away, allowing him to advance to second base while a runner trotted home.