#PlayersChoiceCuts: OYO Sports helps fans "build" player connections

July 6th, 2016

MLBPA licensee OYO Sportstoys brings the game to life by helping even the youngest of fans build a connection to their favorite players. The idea for the Marlborough, Massachusetts, company began in -- you guessed it -- the ballpark.
During the time-honored New England tradition of a father-son trip to Fenway Park, the dad noticed a lack of souvenir options for youngsters. After coming up short, the idea was born: creating mini-figures of athletes that kids could play baseball with at a game.
Each OYO buildable mini-figure has rotating arms, bending knees and the ability to hold a bat, glove and ball. Beyond their physical capabilities, the players come with their own stand and unique DNA number! Even their facial hair matches their real-life counterparts.
Bryce Harper's smeared eye black, David Ortiz's reflective sunglasses and Dallas Keuchel's unforgettable beard -- you name it, OYO perfectly captures the personalities of the players -- in miniature form.
Can't just pick your favorite player? OYO lets fans field an entire team with the Gametime Set, featuring nine player mini-figures to recreate the on-field action.
OYO is even putting fans right in the clubhouse with their favorite players, literally. Fans can build and hang with Starling Marte, Andrew McCutchen and Gerrit Cole in a clubhouse that includes a removable bench, storage compartment and interview podium. A trainer cart completes the bundle so fans can bring baseballs, hats, gloves and water bottles to be sure the mini players perform at their best.
As the All-Star Game approaches, fans can be a part of the players' actions in San Diego from the comfort of their living rooms. Buster Posey squatting behind the plate in a backwards cap, Mike Trout stretching for a fly ball and Noah Syndergaard's lightning fastball (and blonde locks) all include an All-Star Game display brick to help fans commemorate the accomplishments of the players.
From young to old, OYO makes any fan smile as they build and interact with their favorite players. After all, the name "OYO" is derived from a smile -- just look at their logo! Two eyes, a nose and a smile can be found in their name and on each fan's face as they build and connect with their favorite players' mini-figure that puts America's pastime right in the palm of your hand.