Arozarena released without charges (report)

November 26th, 2020

ST. PETERSBURG -- Rays postseason star Randy Arozarena was released on Thursday prior to a scheduled hearing in the Yucatan state of Mexico following allegations of domestic violence, according to a report by ESPN. The club has not confirmed the report.

Arozarena reached an agreement with his former partner, who decided not to take legal action against the player, and the Rays outfielder was then released from charges, according to the report. Thursday's hearing was suspended.

Arozarena had been detained after an incident with his ex-wife during which he reportedly tried to take his daughter from her mother. The initial report was from Yucatan Ahora, a publication in Mexico, and later was confirmed by sources to

The Rays had said on Tuesday that they were aware of the reports that Arozarena had been detained.

“We are aware of reports that Randy Arozarena was detained in Mexico,” the Rays said in a statement on Tuesday. “We are gathering more information on this situation, and we have no further comment at this time.”

A report by Yucatan Ahora on Tuesday stated that Arozarena went to his ex-wife’s house in order to give his daughter some gifts. That turned into an argument between Arozarena and his ex-wife, resulting in Arozarena allegedly trying to take his daughter away. The report also stated that Arozarena struck his ex-father-in-law.

A video from the incident surfaced on Tuesday. It shows Arozarena carrying his daughter and shouting at his ex-wife in the middle of the street, but it does not show any physical altercation. At least one police officer appears to be on the scene.

According to the Ahora report, Arozarena’s ex-wife had been looking to press charges for domestic violence and for failure to pay child support.