Rangers to sign pair of top OF prospects

January 17th, 2022

The Rangers have a long history on the international market and remain one of the most active clubs in that arena.

According to industry sources, the club has agreed to deals with outfielder Anthony Gutierrez, who ranks No. 6 on MLB.com’s Top 50 International Prospects list, for $1,997,500, and outfielder Jose De Jesus, No. 27, for $1,197,500.

The Rangers have a base signing pool of $5,179,700.

Originally from Venezuela, Gutierrez can play center field and has a solid arm, but could eventually move to a corner outfield position because of his growing frame. At the plate, he has a compact and repeatable swing with a knack for barreling up the ball. He shows right-center-field power now and the potential to be a plus runner. He’s considered one of the best hitters in the class.

De Jesus shows good swing mechanics from both sides of the plate and emerging power, especially from the right side. He consistently makes hard contact and is improving his ability to recognize pitches. Overall, he has a good feel for the strike zone and a solid approach at the plate.

He also projects to be an above-average runner and is a potential base-stealer. He could steal 20 or more bases in the future if he continues to develop at a normal pace.

Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association finalized a deal in March 2020 that addressed the international signing period during the pandemic. The 2022 international signing period runs through Dec. 15, 2022, the second year in a row the period, which previously began July 2, started in January.

The current rules also state that teams are not allowed to trade any of their international pool money. Signing bonuses of $10,000 or less do not count toward a club's bonus pool, and foreign professional players who are at least 25 years of age and have played in a foreign league for at least six seasons are also exempt.

Here are the prospects inked by the Rangers during the international signing period:

Anthony Gutierrez, CF, Venezuela -- $1,997,500
Jose De Jesus, CF, Dominican Republic -- $1,197,500
Daniel Bruzual, C, Venezuela -- $397,500
Jesus Lopez, C, Venezuela -- $347,500
Marcos Torres, OF, Venezuela -- $247,500
Cristian Gonzalez, SS, Venezuela -- $222,500
Erick Alvarez, UTL, Venezuela -- $222,500
Luis Marquez, IF, Venezuela -- $172,500
Jaiker Garcia, IF, Venezuela -- $147,500
Esteban Mejia, IF, Dominican Republic -- $72,500
Hector Osorio, CF, Venezuela -- $47,500
Echedry Vargas, IF, Dominican Republic -- $10,000
Roni Cabrera, OF, Dominican Republic -- $10,000
Alfredo Espinoza, C, Venezuela -- $10,000
Kleimir Lemos, IF, Dominican Republic -- $10,000
Yeremi Cabrera, CF, Dominican Republic -- $10,000
Jose Torres, RHS, Panama -- $10,000
Freddy Espinal, OF, Dominican Republic -- $10,000
Oliver Yan, OF, Dominican Republic -- $10,000
Adonis Villavicencio, RHR, Venezuela -- $10,000