Texas unlikely to call Profar, top prospects

Daniels: Playing time would be limited in big leagues

September 5th, 2017

ATLANTA -- With September roster callups in full swing, the Rangers have been adding depth to the roster, but a few names that haven't been called up are drawing attention.
Versatile infielder and prized prospects and are still at Triple-A Round Rock. All put up great Minor League seasons, but Rangers general manager Jon Daniels reiterated Monday that they aren't likely to be called up for the MLB season's final month.
"We are pretty well committed to the guys that we have right now that have been here all year long or come up and been challenged with roles and done well," Daniels said in a conference call. "If another injury or something else happens, we feel we got some guys here that will get those opportunities next."
The decision to leave the trio in Triple-A came down to the Rangers wanting to allow their regular players to close out the season. It was also about not having enough playing time to provide for everyone. With the team entering Monday within three games of an American League Wild Card berth, the organization wanted to give those guys a chance to finish what they started.
The Rangers view Profar, Calhoun, and Guzman as a part of the future, and Daniels said it wouldn't have been fair to call them up without regular at-bats available.
"I think all three players are everyday players in the big leagues in the future," Daniels said. "But sitting around and playing every 10 days is not an easy role, as we have seen in the past."
Calhoun, who was acquired from the Dodgers in the trade and is ranked as Texas' No. 2 prospect, has hit .300 with 31 homers and 93 RBIs in 128 games at Triple-A, this year. Profar has also done well, with a .287 average and 25 doubles, while Guzman -- the No. 3 prospect -- has 12 homers, 22 doubles and .806 OPS.
"As proud as we are of them and they should be proud themselves, this group of players have been together for the most part all year long," Rangers manager Jeff Banister said. "Guys that have been brought up are more in a backup support cast. The guys that have been here are going to get an opportunity to finish the job."
The Rangers have called up players like , , and A.J. Jimenez to help fill out the roster. They are more likely to take bench roles and help when needed in late-game situations.
While the decision was a tough one, Daniels said that they still view all Profar, Calhoun, and Guzman as core members of the team moving forward. They have sat down with them and all accounts are that they took the news in a professional manner.
"Nothing has changed in how we view them," Daniels said. "We just traded (Yu) Darvish for Calhoun and it is not a reflection of how we evaluate the players and feel about them. It is about the opportunity and the at-bats that aren't there right now."