Glove Day brings new leather for Profar

February 22nd, 2018

SURPRISE, Ariz. -- Infielder received a new glove when the Wilson SUV rolled into camp on Thursday.

It was so he can play third base if needed.

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"I have one that I love that I have been using for years," Profar said. "But it's a middle-infielder glove. I need a bigger glove if I am going to play third base. The balls at third come at you harder, so you need a bigger glove."

Unlike last year, Profar won't need an outfielder's glove. He was the Rangers' left fielder on Opening Day 2017, but the plan now is to keep him in the infield. So he has to take special care of his infielder gloves.

"Yeah, I remember my first glove -- I was 6 years old," Profar said. "The glove is important for every infielder who wants to win a Gold Glove. So, we all take really good care of our gloves."