Rays launch website for input on new ballpark

August 8th, 2016

ST. PETERSBURG -- The Rays have launched ballparkreimagined.com, a website that will serve as a public informational resource in the quest for a new ballpark.
Included on the website are two feedback mechanisms that will ask fans to share their thoughts about what they would want to see in a new ballpark. The forum is shareable on all social media and the responses populate on the website so that people can see their own ideas and other people's ideas.
Also included is a poll by which fans can vote on certain words that they believe best describes a new ballpark.
"The next Rays ballpark will be a community asset, and we need to capture the community's imagination to help create something we're all proud to call home," said Melanie Lenz, the Rays' senior vice president of strategy and development. "Forming a collective vision is crucial to determine what will benefit the community most and be a defining icon for the Tampa Bay area. We invite fans to get involved, and we are listening to any and all ideas."
The Rays want to reimagine what a new ballpark can be for the community. Guiding that desire are four vision principles: Providing a baseball experience like no other; building a defining icon for the region; creating a smart, sustainable and right-sized facility; and looking beyond baseball so the park is active year-round.
The Rays' goal is to build the first next-generation ballpark that is an authentic fan-forward community asset that will be the pride of Tampa Bay and the home of championships for generations to come.
The interactive website and campaign video were brought to life by local brand-engagement agency SPARK.