Broadcaster Remy diagnosed with cancer

June 12th, 2017

BOSTON -- In a sobering reveal on Monday, Red Sox TV color analyst Jerry Remy announced he has been diagnosed with lung cancer for the fourth time. He begins treatment in two weeks.

"It's obviously disappointing to me, but it's something I've been through a number of times," Remy told reporters on Monday. "Today we had multiple meetings with doctors on how to approach this. The best way they feel to approach it is through surgery. It has not spread and is located in one spot. Surgery will remove it. There will be a recovery time after surgery, but I should be just fine and I hope to be back doing my job after the All-Star break."

Remy, 64, is in his 30th season in the booth. He played for the Red Sox from 1978-84.

Remy will travel with the club on the upcoming road trip to Philadelphia, Houston and Kansas City and then have surgery.

Several Red Sox players shared their thoughts on the news before their game against Philadelphia on Monday.

"We're all here for any support or whatever he needs," second baseman said. "We love Rem, he's always around and treats us with respect and we're all pulling for him."

"Since I've been here he's always been here," shortstop said. "He's been here before I was even born, so he's definitely someone I enjoy seeing in the clubhouse and just going over and saying hi to him. We're here for him in the good and tough times. Hopefully he battles through it again because he's strong."

Red Sox manager John Farrell, who battled Stage 1 lymphoma during the 2015 season, shared his thoughts on Remy's diagnosis.

"Certainly our thoughts are with him, his wife and his family," Farrell said. "Rem is a part of our team. We view him like that, we see him here so often. ... He's in the clubhouse early every day. I know that this has been a fight for him which has been successful so far ... and like I said, our thoughts and prayers are with him and I know that he's a strong person individually and probably has the best care available to him anywhere in the world."

Remy was first diagnosed with lung cancer in 2008.