Up next for Sox? Hiring a new manager 'soon'

February 11th, 2020

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Now that the swap of and to the Dodgers is at last complete, the Red Sox can now turn all their attention to that other pressing order of business: hiring a new manager.

Reports surfaced on Friday that the club will elevate bench coach Ron Roenicke as Alex Cora’s successor.

But chief baseball officer Chaim Bloom wasn’t ready to confirm those reports on Monday night. All he would say is that the Sox will look to fill the void quickly.

“No, no news on that front. We’re hoping to have news on that front soon but nothing on that right now,” Bloom said.

The timing of naming a manager could be tied to MLB announcing the results of the investigation into whether the 2018 Red Sox stole signs electronically.

“Until that process is done, we’re not going to have any comment on it,” Bloom said.

Commissioner Rob Manfred said last week at the Owners Meetings he would like to release the findings of that investigation before Boston’s camp officially opens. The Red Sox hold their first pitchers/catchers workout on Wednesday.

If the managerial hire hasn’t taken place by then, expect Roenicke to essentially lead the team workouts.

“Ron, in the last couple years, he’s been integral in preparing for camp and he’s continuing to do that,” Bloom said.

Even Bloom couldn’t help but acknowledge it is awkward for the Red Sox to be this close to starting Spring Training without a manager in place.

“There are a lot of different things happening at once right now, and we know that. Certainly, the mix of all those circumstances is certainly not ideal,” Bloom said. “I will say one thing, and I know this feeling is shared by all of my colleagues, and it stood out to me coming here, getting to know our players, talking to them as we did, as a number of us did after the number of different things that have happened, including everything that happened with Alex, how well they took it, considering everything.

“These guys are pros and they’re resilient. I think Spring Training is a time for everybody to get ready for the season and they’re certainly going to take that very seriously.”

If Roenicke does wind up as the choice to become the 48th manager in club history, he will have a lot of support from the clubhouse.

In fact, some players spoke of the hiring of Roenicke as if it is inevitable.

“It’s a good thing for us because we know him, we know how he does everything,” said Red Sox lefty Eduardo Rodriguez. “He’s been a big part of the family, too, so it’s going to be good for us that he’s going to be in charge now.”

“Ron’s great,” said closer . “Everybody loves him. Great baseball guy. My experience with him mostly has been about the running game as a pitcher, but it’ll be exciting seeing him take charge.”