Adams’ big reason for ‘All the Small Things'

Rookie catcher: 'Blink holds a special place in my heart'

August 22nd, 2021

MILWAUKEE -- The moment the familiar beat blares inside Nationals Park, there’s no mistaking who is coming to the plate.

The catchy notes are for catcher , whose walk-up song selection of Blink-182’s 21-year-old smash hit “All the Small Things” has quickly become a crowd pleaser since he was acquired from the Blue Jays last month.

“I’m a diehard Blink fan,” Adams, 25, said with a big smile.

The San Diego-based band wasn’t just a local influence for Adams growing up in Encinitas, Calif. The connection hit much closer to home -- literally. Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker lived in Adams’ neighborhood in the early 2000s. When the band would get together at Barker’s house, Adams would go outside and hear the sounds of them performing nearby.

“Blink would just be playing backyard concerts, so we could just sit in our driveway and listen to them play,” he said.

After Adams moved to another area growing up, a new neighbor coincidentally had a studio where the band had recorded music. Adams toured it and basked in the coincidence.

“It was just the ultra-small world,” he said. “Like, I can’t escape Blink.”

As the time came for Adams to pick a walk-up song at the University of San Diego, the decision was a no-brainer. He’s carried it with him throughout his rise to the Major Leagues, where one of his favorite memories occurred in his first short season in Vancouver.

“It got to the point where when I would come up to hit, [and] once the song stopped because the at-bat was starting, the fans would keep singing it,” Adams said. “They would keep going, and it would be a couple pitches into the at-bat and they’re getting to the chorus and everything. I’m like, ‘This is cool.’ That was pretty special.”

Of all Blink-182’s hits, Adams’ favorite actually is “First Date,” which coincidentally was played at American Family Field between innings on Saturday as part of the Brewers’ “2000s Weekend”-themed series. He enjoys “All the Small Things,” though, for its connection with the crowd.

“It’s easily their most popular -- it’s kind of an anthem,” he said. “You hear it and you go, ‘Oh yeah, I know that song. I remember listening to that.’ At some point, I feel like everyone had a moment there. It’s just kind of fun, and I’ve enjoyed that.”

Adams has put meeting Blink-182 on his bucket list, and he would have “a million” questions he’d like to ask after watching “way too many documentaries” about them. Until that happens, he is bringing the happiness of one of their greatest hits to fans at Nationals Park.

“Blink holds a special place in my heart,” he said.