Baldelli and wife expand family ... with twins!

September 19th, 2023

CINCINNATI -- Has any manager been this committed to his team’s identity?

Rocco Baldelli set an awfully high bar for that late Sunday night, when the Twins’ skipper and his wife Allie welcomed a pair of fraternal twin boys -- Nino and Enzo -- to the world, the club announced on Monday.

What better way for the manager of the Twins to cement his fit for the position?

“I told him with the stature of where he’s at job-wise with the Twins, the dedication that he really puts into this job and going the extra mile off the field really shows a lot,” first-base coach Hank Conger said with a big laugh.

Both baby boys and Allie Baldelli were said to be healthy and doing well. Bench coach and acting manager Jayce Tingler said there’s a “good chance” Baldelli could return to the team when the Twins return home for their final homestand of the regular season on Friday -- though there’s also some chance he could be back on Wednesday.

The twin boys join a quickly growing family that already included the couple’s older daughter, Louisa, and beauceron dog, Bowie.

Baldelli already has company within the clubhouse, as starting pitcher Bailey Ober was already a member of the “Twins with twins” club, with Ober’s pair of twins -- Kollins and Olivia -- born last November.

“I just said, 'Enjoy it. It's going to be fun. It's going to be busy. Just expect it to be busy,’” Ober said. “The new normal is going to be different, but it's going to be -- it is what it is. After a little while, it feels like it's supposed to happen. Just how it is.”

It sounds like not too many people have given Baldelli any playful jabs about how fitting it is that he’d add to his family this way -- he’s already got plenty to think about, between the two new kids and, well, the Twins’ upcoming playoff run.

“I can't imagine how exhausted he's going to be over these next three years,” Tingler said. “I haven't jabbed him at all.”

“I'm sure there's been some banter going on, but I feel like not a lot of the guys are trying to stress him out too much,” Ober said. “Hopefully, it brings us some good luck.”