Rockies' Murphy sticks with mitt that fits

Rookie catcher goes with basic black on Glove Day

February 19th, 2017

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Rockies rookie catcher Tom Murphy says sometimes you hurt the one you (g)love.
Murphy sized up his new Wilson catcher's mitt on Sunday at Salt River Fields. A new glove is always exciting for a ballplayer, even at age 25. But Murphy -- and his dad -- were maybe too excited when he received his first new glove while at Moore High School in Central Square, N.Y.
"I was probably a sophomore in high school when I got my first good glove," Murphy said. "We ended up ruining it. We ran over it with a truck trying to break it in.
"My high school baseball coach went to the local college, LeMoyne College. They had a catcher who had an old Wilson. It was properly broken in. I used that for the rest of my high school career.
"I've had just about every brand now, and I just keep going back to Wilson. In my head, that's what I feel comfortable with. The sizing, the fitting of it all, it feels the most comfortable of anything I've used."
Murphy is going with basic black -- much like relief pitcher Greg Holland and unlike reliever , who also received their gloves Sunday.

"I don't really do any of that," Murphy said. "I don't really get my name on my glove or anything. That's secondary to me. It's the glove that matters, not any of the colors.
"My glove is my glove."