Kennedy unsure of status with shoulder issue

Royals right-hander lasts just 3 innings in loss to Twins

September 8th, 2017

KANSAS CITY -- Royals right-hander , who left Friday night's 8-5 loss to the Twins after just 55 pitches, said he is battling shoulder tightness and has been for the last month.
Kennedy isn't sure he will make his next scheduled start.
"I have no idea," Kennedy said. "We're going to talk about it and figure it out, maybe let you know a couple days from now."
Kennedy went three innings and gave up four hits and three runs. His level of concern?

"Any time you get pulled out of a game ... I've been trying to battle through this," he said. "Last start was the same. It's been like this for a month.
"I'm just trying to get outs any way I can. I know these are important games. Another guy has gone down [left-hander Danny Duffy]. It's something I've been trying to manage throughout the month."
Kennedy said the injury is difficult to treat without rest.
"You'd think my velocity would drop, but it hasn't," he said. "But lately, the sharpness and life on my fastball, and sharpness on the secondary pitches [hasn't been there]. And it hurts my command. It just [stinks] dealing with this.
"There's no pain. It's just fatigue. Tightness."