With Cain gone, Perez looking for next 'victim'

Catcher played numerous social media pranks on former Royals outfielder

January 27th, 2018

KANSAS CITY -- Now that is officially a Milwaukee Brewer, having signed a five-year, $80 million deal Friday, who will be Royals catcher 's next clubhouse victim?

As any Royals fan knows, Perez took great pride in making Cain feel awkward and annoyed with numerous social media pranks over the years.

With Cain gone, Perez likely will be on the prowl for someone else to harass.

"I don't know, maybe ?" left fielder pondered. "Cheslor is a pretty nice guy, pretty quiet. Maybe him."

? ? Anyone innocent and unsuspecting will do.

But Perez doesn't think it will be quite the same, no matter who he chooses.

"There's nobody like Lorenzo," Perez said. "Nobody's going to get mad like him. If you don't get mad, then it doesn't make sense." 

Cain, who isn't exactly the biggest fan of social media, said last year of Perez (with a smile), "There is something seriously wrong with that man."

Watch Salvy catch Cain off guard 

But videos and Instagrams aside, Perez considers Cain a brother.

"I'm going to miss you, bro," Perez said. "But seriously, I feel happy for you and for your family. That's a great contract. I hope you do the best in Milwaukee, and hopefully we see you soon. I love you."

Perez said he didn't even want to consider what the Royals' clubhouse will be like without Cain.

"Lot of years together," Perez said, "so it's going to be a little hard when the season starts."