Q&A: Merrifield shares favorite holiday memories

December 16th, 2016
Growing up in North Carolina, Royals utility man Whit Merrifield developed a passion for his favorite holiday -- Christmas.

KANSAS CITY -- It's that special time of year, and no one appreciates it more than Royals super utility player .
Christmas is Merrifield's favorite holiday. He even leaves the radio station in his car on 24-hour Christmas music from Dec. 1 through the holidays.
Here's what else Merrifield, a North Carolina native, had to share about Christmas:
MLB.com: Ever had a white Christmas?
Merrifield: "Yes, one time in high school. It was definitely cool. After we got done with presents and everything, I went to this golf course nearby and we went sledding. I liked that."
MLB.com: Have a favorite Christmas memory?
Merrifield: "Well, last year our family went on vacation to an island in the Caribbean, the only time we've done that over Christmas. That stood out. I definitely like the tropical climate."
MLB.com: Favorite Christmas present of all-time?
Merrifield: "I got a dog for Christmas about six years ago. It is a Golden Retriever we named 'KC.'"
MLB.com: Favorite Christmas movie?
Merrifield: "I'm a big 'Home Alone' fan. The first two were great. I stopped watching when they changed actors for 3 and 4."
MLB.com: What is your family tradition on Christmas?
Merrifield: "We're very big on tradition. We have had the same format forever. Before we start the presents, my mom gets the camera out, then we start. I remember as a kid my sister and I would be upstairs and we couldn't sleep the night before. The local TV stations would have 'Santa trackers.' We thought every red light in the sky was Rudolph."
MLB.com: So you definitely open gifts on Christmas morning and not Christmas Eve?
Merrrfield: "Yes. And it works out good because my fiancee's family opens on Christmas Eve. So we get to do the presents thing twice."
MLB.com: When did you figure out Santa wasn't real?
Merrfield: "I was like 9 or so and was playing hide-and-seek with some friends. I was up in the attic hiding and I saw this gift that I wanted -- it was like this projector that would flash images of ducks and you'd shoot them with a gun. The next morning when I opened my presents, that one was there and it was from 'Santa.' I put the pieces together then that he wasn't real."
MLB.com: Favorite Christmas food?
Merrifield: "Definitely my mom's sweet potato casserole. She makes it only on special occasions."
MLB.com: Favorite Christmas song?
Merrfield: "I like [Bruce] Springsteen's Christmas songs, especially 'Santa Claus is Comin' to Town.'"