Shohei's secret snack? We found it.

May 23rd, 2023

does so many amazing things on the baseball field that it can be easy to forget that he has regular human concerns like you and me. Sometimes he gets hungry. Sometimes, he just wants a bag of Funyuns.

The Angels' two-way superstar was the (unwitting?) subject of a stellar Instagram Story on Tuesday from fellow Halos hurler Patrick Sandoval, who snapped a perfect candid shot of Ohtani with his right hand knuckle-deep in a bag of the famed onion-flavored rings aboard what appears to be the team bus.

Shohei may not abide by Tom Brady's diet, but whatever he's doing is working, as he's putting together another unprecedented season on both sides of the ball -- making him a favorite for both MVP and Cy Young honors.

Ohtani: Living baseball legend and Funyuns enjoyer. Like all of us, the man contains multitudes. Maybe we're not so different after all.