Ohtani for Trea? Kevin Durant OKs trade

May 12th, 2021

Kevin Durant appears to be a fan of MLB The Show. But now he's coming around to the wonder that is The Sho'.

The Brooklyn Nets star called two-way phenom a "different breed" in a Twitter exchange on Tuesday night, after Ohtani delivered his best start of the 2021 season, going seven innings of one-run ball while striking out 10. Then he trotted on out to play right field.

“That’s pretty neat,” Angels manager Joe Maddon said of Durant's compliment. “I would have to believe any professional athlete, and any professional athlete that doesn't play baseball that maybe loves it or had played it, knows how difficult to do what Shohei actually is.”

Ohtani moving into the outfield after his start was what caught Durant's attention, after his Nets teammate, Mike James, notified him.

"Different breed," Durant wrote. "Trading for him in the show, Trea Turner might have to dip lol."

The Nationals shortstop responded good-naturedly to finding himself on the other end of Durant's deal:

"Still don't know if I've been benched or traded??" Turner tweeted in response.

Durant, part of a star triumvirate in Brooklyn, is no stranger to forming super teams, so it's not much of a surprise he's coming after Ohtani next.