'Wow!' Ohtani blown away by clubhouse card trick

March 13th, 2024

is nothing short of magical on a baseball field. Perhaps that’s what made his reaction to a magic trick so priceless.

Manager Dave Roberts recently invited magician Shlomo Levinger to entertain the Dodgers in Spring Training. Levinger performed a card trick for Ohtani, asking him to choose a number and suit from a deck of cards. Ohtani said, "Seven of diamonds."

Levinger then proceeds to go through a blue deck of cards, ultimately revealing that he knew Ohtani would pick seven of diamonds. How? Magic, of course.

Ohtani is clearly amazed by the reveal, yelling “Wow!” with a big smile on his face. In a rare turn of events, it was Ohtani that was in awe of someone else’s performance.