3 superstars, 3 massive home runs

Ohtani, Acuña and Judge put on a power show ... let's dig into the numbers

May 16th, 2023

When you visualize a home run that is absolutely crushed, it probably has a few general characteristics. A far distance, perhaps 450 or more feet, a high exit velocity, maybe 114 mph or higher, and, at its best, hit by a superstar.

That’s exactly what happened three separate times on Monday night. There were three home runs of 450-plus feet with at least a 114 mph exit velocity, the most on a single day tracked by Statcast (since 2015).

That superstar component? These long balls had that covered, too, even if Statcast can’t measure that requirement.

First, got the party started, with a 456-foot, 114.6 mph blast – as the starting pitcher. That’s the second-longest homer hit as a pitcher tracked by Statcast, behind only Jon Gray’s 467-foot blast on July 5, 2017, at Coors Field. It’s also the third-hardest hit home run as a pitcher in that span, and Ohtani occupies the top two spots as well (4/4/21: 115.2 mph, 9/10/21: 114.7 mph).

Then, chimed in, hitting a low pitch 454 feet with a 116.1 mph exit velocity. Acuña now has 28 career home runs of at least 440 feet, including the postseason. That’s three more than anyone else in MLB since the start of 2018 (including the playoffs). He leads MLB with five this year, and it’s only May. Only one player has hit more than 12 of those in a season since ‘15: Giancarlo Stanton, with 18 in 2017.

Finally, added a 462-f00t, 114.9 mph home run to the mix, his second of the game. He now has 21 career home runs of at least 450 feet, including the playoffs, all since the start of 2017. That’s the second-most in MLB since the start of 2017 (including the postseason), behind only Stanton’s 22.

Before Monday, there had been just two days under Statcast that even featured two 450-foot, 114 mph home runs, so it isn’t like these are commonly hit in bunches. Now, the single-day standard is set at three.

That’s what’s incredible about baseball: You never know what any given day on the calendar will bring.