Statcast of the Day: Schwarber's shot to Sheffield

May 24th, 2017

CHICAGO -- 's home run Tuesday night boldly went where none have gone before -- at least this year.
The Cubs slugger launched a home run onto Sheffield Avenue behind the right-field bleachers at Wrigley Field with one out in the first inning off the Giants' to spark a 4-1 victory, prompting manager Joe Maddon to have a flashback.
"It got small fast," Maddon said of Schwarber's homer, his seventh of the season. "It's almost like when you used to watch 'Star Trek' when it came on, and the Enterprise would just fly by and get really small. It kind of had that Enterprise-esque look to it -- it was there and it was gone. It got small quickly."
The home run was the longest of Schwarber's career at 470 feet and the longest by a Cubs player this season, topping the 462-foot shot he hit May 16 at Wrigley against the Reds. holds the team mark, though, with home runs measured at 495 and 477 feet.
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Schwarber now is tied with and Manny Machado for the second-longest home run this season behind a 481-footer by the D-backs' .
"Whenever you hit the barrel, it feels good," Schwarber said. "You know when you get jammed and you know when you hit it off the end, and you know when you hit barrel because you don't feel it as much. It was a good feeling and a good team win."
Schwarber's homer not only was the first to clear the bleachers at Wrigley, but it had an exit velocity of 114 mph and is the hardest-hit home run by a Cubs player in the Statcast™ era.
"Schwarber definitely set the tone," Maddon said.
He also sparked more dancing in the Cubs' bullpen. The relievers jig, jive and jump around to celebrate their teammates' home runs.
"For them to be doing that out there, it's always a good laugh when you're either on the bench or running the bases, and you see the big [video] board and they're dancing," Schwarber said.