This is the biggest bat flip you'll ever see

An Astros prospect sent one into deep space

May 7th, 2021

There are all kinds of bat flips. There are angry flips, there are stylish ones, there's Tom Lawless.

But what about the distance category? What about total height?

After Thursday's Asheville Tourists game, Astros prospect Luis Santana has that crown and nobody is even close.

It nearly leaves the frame all-together. A few more feet and it would've entered zero gravity and ricocheted off Elon Musk's space car.

The flip came on Santana's second homer of the game -- a two-run shot to right-center field in the third. It put his team up, 6-0, in a game it would go on to win, 11-4. The Tourists' second baseman had three total hits and five RBIs.