Maybin taking positive outlook after wrist injury

March 6th, 2016

LAKELAND, Fla. -- Cameron Maybin coaches a third-grade basketball team back home in North Carolina. He would like to serve as an example for them, even if they won't see him on the field until April at the earliest. 

Asked if he went through some why-me thoughts when tests on his left wrist showed a hairline fracture from Luis Severino's 96 mph fastball that struck him on Wednesday, putting him at risk for possibly his fifth disabled list stint since 2011, Maybin said he took a different outlook.

"It's like I taught the kids I coached in basketball this year: There's nothing better than overcoming adversity, coming back when you're down, when you're losing," Maybin said. "It's the best feeling, proving to yourself that it's no big deal, I can overcome it. I just take it as a positive. It really makes me a lot more hungry to get back and get ready.

"It happened, my workout regimen changed and now we work on legs three times a week, and we condition twice a week, and we get one-hand drills and we make sure I'm ready. It just makes me hungry. It makes me excited to get it, to get ready and get out there. And I'll still have a whole season to play."

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Maybin didn't have a bad feeling when Severino's fastball hit him. There was no pain, he said, just soreness, and he had full strength and range of motion. Maybin was looking forward to one more at-bat when he was pulled as a precaution, and he had a bat in his hands around the clubhouse the following morning to test his wrist.

Even now, with his wrist in a brace, Maybin doesn't feel much discomfort.

"Just a little sore. That's all," Maybin said. "No pain. All the strength's there."

For that reason, in part, Maybin's optimistic about his chances for a quick return from an injury that carries a recovery estimate of 4 to 6 weeks. He's hoping it's quick enough that he could still be ready around the start of the season.

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"I've always been pretty good at bouncing back pretty quick," Maybin said, "but I don't want to rush back and make it worse. I feel pretty good about the injury, about how it happened. It was a rare break, only one bone. Having a hairline fracture was good, so I'm pretty optimistic about the healing process."

It's an upbeat outlook from Maybin, one he admits he might not have had at a younger age. He said he doesn't harbor any ill will toward Severino. Asked about teammate Justin Verlander's comments from a few days ago, that pitchers having control woes should probably wait on throwing inside until they improve, Maybin responded, "What he said."

"We're all trying to get comfortable," Maybin said. "I don't have any hard feelings. It happens. I can't tell you I can get on the mound right now and throw strikes. Stuff happens. I'm sure it's probably hard to control 97. It's part of the game, though, man."