What if Tom Brady chose baseball? Topps ad dreams up his HOF career with Expos

December 12th, 2023

Before he became a seven-time Super Bowl champion, won three NFL MVP Awards and set numerous passing records on the gridiron, Tom Brady was a Montreal Expos Draft pick as a catcher in 1995.

While we never got to see Brady try his hand at a baseball career, we got a glimpse at how that might have turned out in a video the former NFL quarterback shared on X on Tuesday morning -- Dec. 12 (or “12/12”), a homage to the No. 12 Brady wore during his NFL career -- promoting Topps’ 2023 Bowman “Dream Draft Picks” card, which portrays Brady with the Expos.

Seven World Series titles? Nearly 650 homers? Baseball remaining in Montreal?

All of that happened in this alternate universe, as we learn from the clip while hearing Hall of Famers and former Expos stars Larry Walker, Pedro Martinez and Vladimir Guerrero reminisce about Brady’s greatness on the diamond.

There's even a reference to Brady losing twice to the Giants, though of course in this universe, that would be the San Francisco Giants. The quip earned a funny response from former real-life Giants quarterback and Brady foe Eli Manning, who committed to the bit with full S.F. regalia and two championship rings.

Alas, in the end, it was all a dream, and we’re left to wonder what might have been had Brady chosen baseball instead.