Fantasy Q&A: Zinkie fields Twitter questions

September 18th, 2017 fantasy expert Fred Zinkie fielded questions from fans during a live Twitter chat (at @fantasy411) on Monday. Read through the best of the Q&A below. Questions and answers have been edited for clarity.

@hbareihs2: Should I use or Michael A. Taylor for playoffs?

Fred Zinkie: Go with Buxton, who is valuable and also has a favorable schedule this week.

@LeonardsBeisbol: I need steals. Should I drop or for ?

Zinkie: You could drop either one. I would drop Mazara.

@NotoriousBeefy: Should I pick up or ?

Zinkie: They are both good options. But go with Moncada, who has a higher ceiling and is heating up.

@jM_lR: Should I add as a two-start option this week?

Zinkie: Yes, Marquez is a solid option with a pair of scheduled road starts in San Diego and San Francisco.

@fubzeppelin: Which infielder should I add out of , , , , or ?

Zinkie: Pick up Rosario if you need steals. If not, add Happ.

@noahcloonan: Which two starters should I add out of , , Danny Duffy, , and ?

Zinkie: Add Estrada and Woodruff.

@dcfrey: Should I pick up Corey Dickerson, , Happ or ?

Zinkie: Pick up Williams.

@Z_Nelsy: Would you rather own Moncada or ?

Zinkie: I'll take Moncada, who is starting to get on track.

@stepsinpairs: Should I drop for , or ?

Zinkie: You can drop him for Arcia or Margot.

@CoachyHernandez: Should I pick up in place of ?

Zinkie: No, you should stick with Bauer.

@j_mendwin: Can I drop Chris Archer?

Zinkie: Yes, I wouldn't feel safe using Archer for his next two starts.

@taylorjohnson21: Should I use or Moncada?

Zinkie: I would use Moncada for now.

@tiger_flash: Should I drop for , Mitch Haniger or ?

Zinkie: You can drop him for Kiermaier.

@Chris_1483: Can I drop Matt Kemp for more pitching depth in my playoffs?

Zinkie: Drop him for a starter.

@wfromans: Is a good late-season pickup in 12-team league?

Zinkie: Yes, he can likely help you out in the final two weeks.

@Jevsherman: Do you prefer Santana or ?

Zinkie: Yelich is my pick.

@5helmetplay: Can you name any under-the-radar players for this week?

Zinkie: Look at the A's. They are hitting well and have nice matchups this week.

@DylanRafter: What should I do with Odor?

Zinkie: You should drop him. Look to add Anderson, Albies, Moncada or Yolmer Sanchez.

@D_Barrett18: Which player should I keep out of , , , or Tommy Pham.

Zinkie: Keep Sanchez.

@TheMoronMike: Would you rather use or ?

Zinkie: Seager is my pick for the final days of the season.