Story healing up, on track for return in Miami

June 3rd, 2021

DENVER -- Much of Rockies Nation felt fear when Trevor Story left last Thursday’s game against the Mets with right elbow inflammation, but Story knew that he would not be down long.

Story rested the arm until Wednesday, when he played light catch and took full batting practice at Coors Field. He does not know when the Rockies’ medical and training staffs will turn him loose for throws across the infield. But with no setbacks, he should return the first day that he is eligible to come off the 10-day injured list -- Tuesday at Miami.

“In my gut, I felt good about it,” Story said. “I felt it was OK, just a little flared up. You never know for sure, but the MRI gave me some peace of mind.

“It was familiar from ’18, so I think I was more calm this year because I had been through that. I know the feelings for sure.”

In 2018, Story missed five games in mid-September when he felt pain during a throw, but he returned and helped the Rockies to the postseason. This time, Story’s injury came in the middle of a struggling club’s 2-5 road trip.

“It’s obviously frustrating that we’re losing close games,” Story said. “Just seems we’re a couple hits away, or even one hit away. We all feel that. But we're a young team and this is a great time to learn from that. We all want to win at the end of the day. And that's the bottom line. So it's always frustrating when we don't get it done.

“The guys that are here now are special, special people and that’s what it takes. Guys figure it out on the field, sometimes sooner than later, sometimes it takes longer. But makeup and the character of the person means a lot, and this clubhouse is filled with a lot of those guys.”