Hole in one? Mancini's glove betrays him

April 15th, 2021

As even baseball’s best fielders will tell you, physical errors happen. They are simply part of the game, unavoidable over a 162-game season. But in rare cases, it’s the glove that should be charged with the error -- just ask .

The Orioles first baseman had only his mitt to blame for the defensive blemish he suffered in a 2-1 loss to the Mariners in Game 2 of Thursday's doubleheader at Camden Yards, when Mancini appeared to be on the receiving end of an excellent play by at third base. That was until Franco’s throw went through Mancini’s glove, allowing Taylor Trammell to reach safely.

In the webbing one second, out another. He’s going to need some new leather.

Mancini tossed his glove toward the dugout in frustration after the play, which didn’t prove consequential to the final score. It was baffling all the same, especially given Franco’s off-balance throw only registered at 84.9 mph from across the diamond.

“That’s just unfortunate,” Orioles broadcaster Ben McDonald remarked on the air.

Tell that to Mancini’s fielding percentage. Wherever that number ends up in 2021, it should come with an asterisk.