Mancini's pizza order may spark some opinions

O's outfielder talks favorite toppings, travel wish list and more in Q&A

August 29th, 2019

Trey Mancini is having a standout fourth Major League season, earning All-Star consideration while powering his way through at-bats. Find out what the 27-year-old outfielder from Winter Haven, Fla., was like in high school, the popular travel destination he’d like to go to, which toppings he’s got to have on his pizza and more.

When did you know that you had made it in baseball?

I think it probably was when I got the call that I was getting called up. I was in Sarasota. I was on the taxi squad -- [that] was what we called it -- so I was in Sarasota working out just in case somebody got hurt. I got a call from our farm director at the time. He told me that I was getting activated the next day. I had a flight the next morning to Baltimore.

I was actually eating dinner with my parents at the time because I’m from Florida, so they drove an hour and a half to hang out with me that day. So I just happened to be with them when I got the call that I was getting called up. … It was amazing. It was so cool.

I remember we were at a restaurant that had a hurricane-proof roof on it, so I had no cell phone service because of it. We had to ask for an outside table. It was really hot out. I just remember we were just kind of sitting there because I was waiting because they had texted me earlier, so I was just waiting on a call to see if I was getting called up, or what the deal was. It was kind of surreal. I just kind of waited the whole time and didn’t really touch my food because I was so nervous wondering if the call was going to be about me getting called up.

Fill in the blank: Believe it or not, I have never __.

Traveled to Europe, and it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve only been to Canada and Mexico, actually. I’m not too well-traveled, and I’m really interested in doing that. Even this offseason, I’m considering maybe going to Ireland. I have Irish heritage, so I’d really like to go do that.

How did you pick your at-bat music?

My walkout song is a song called “Another Day in Paradise” by Quinn XCII. I had really started listening to his music this offseason. It’s really good, and I just love the song. It was my walkout song. We actually did an Orioles Magazine this year, and the cover kind of replicated his latest album cover, too. So he reached out and thought it was really cool. Hopefully I can go to a show or something this offseason, I’m hoping.

How would people in high school have described you?

I’d say pretty, not shy, but yeah, I wasn’t as outgoing as I am now, I’d say. I was a little more reserved and didn’t really break out of my shell until I got to college, I’d say. … I was always the youngest guy on my baseball team, too. All my best friends were the year ahead of me, and I was one of the only sophomores on varsity. So a lot of my friends were juniors and seniors when I was a sophomore, so they kind of helped break me out of my shell a little bit.

What is your biggest fear?

Biggest fear, that’s tough. Being attacked by a shark, maybe, honestly. I love being in the ocean and everything, but I think a shark attack is probably my biggest fear. I grew up going to the beach pretty much every weekend in Florida, too, so it’s always kind of been in the back of the back of my mind. … I never have [had a close encounter], as far as I know.

What are your favorite pizza toppings?

I like meat lover’s pizza. I like pepperoni, sausage, ham, pretty much anything you can put on there, bacon. I’d say meat lover’s is my favorite. I’m also a big fan of Hawaiian pizza -- ham and pineapple. I know it’s very hit-or-miss for people, but I’m a huge fan of Hawaiian pizza. … There’s a place called Isabella’s that’s a really good local place. My favorite pizza that I’ve had, actually when I was in Triple-A in Norfolk, there’s a place called Cogans Pizza, and I loved it. I went there all the time, so that was my favorite.