Double-switch snafu leads to 18-minute delay

Dodgers point out mistake in Twins' move during odd sequence

July 26th, 2017

LOS ANGELES --- One pitch after Twins manager Paul Molitor made a double switch with one out in the bottom of the sixth in the Dodgers' 6-2 win, manager Dave Roberts called over to home-plate umpire Lance Barrett.

As it had been relayed to the Dodgers by Barrett, Molitor had subbed righty for left fielder in the No. 5 spot and for pitcher  in the No. 9 spot, but when Pressly threw his first pitch to , Rosario was still in left, Adrianza was at shortstop and No. 7 hitter  had left the game.

"It was just one of those things where there was a little confusion in where initially the pitcher spot in the double switch was at," Roberts said. "A player that was supposed to be out of the game was still in the game, and I just wanted to get clarity and make sure that the pitcher was in the right spot."

What then ensued was an 18-minute delay involving Barrett and his crew sorting out the situation between Roberts, Molitor and officials at the Replay Command Center in New York about what mistake was made and how the game should proceed. The original cause of the confusion was miscommunication between Molitor and Barrett and a mistake on the official lineup card, according to Molitor.

"I told him I was going to double switch," Molitor said. "I had it marked in my card Pressly was going in the seven-hole and Adrianza was going in the nine-hole. And I don't know if I said a wrong name, but I can't imagine I said [Matt] Belisle for Rosario. But he heard what he heard, and that's my responsibility."

After the deliberation, the umpires came to a conclusion that the Twins needed to sub Pressly for Rosario in the No. 5 spot and Arianza for Hildenberger in the No. 9 spot and Polanco needed to go back into the game. But Roberts then questioned the crew whether Polanco was able to come back into the game.

Barrett initiated a crew-chief review with the Replay Command Center to determine what the correct course of action was, and it was decided that Polanco would be able to check back into the game.

"To their understanding, there was a correction rule and a reentry fielder rule that I didn't know about," Roberts said. "So they all conferred and they got it right. Polanco was able to come back in the game and the pitcher remained the five-spot, but they did lose [Rosario], so it was a kind of a misunderstanding there."