No cows were harmed during Vlad Jr.'s batting practice!

January 12th, 2023

A word to the wise: If Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is taking batting practice, you don't want to be anywhere near home plate -- and that includes cows!

The Blue Jays All-Star's social media accounts posted video of him taking some cuts in the Dominican Republic, with his Hall of Fame father watching from the sidelines. After Vlad Jr. encouraged the kids chasing down his moonshots past the wall to move back farther -- he was hitting lasers well past them -- he joked that he was going to hit one to a cow that an observer estimated was more than 500 feet away.

Sure enough, toward the end of the video, Guerrero appeared to land one not all that far from the cow and exclaimed in Spanish, "The cow is wondering what's going on!" (He added that the cow was moving away from home plate; if it wasn't familiar with Vlad Jr.'s power before, it certainly was now.) director of Spanish sites Sonny Rivas assisted with this article.