Watch top prospects in the Fall Stars Game (MLB Network)

October 29th, 2023

It's the most exciting prospect event of the autumn.

A group of the game's elite prospects -- representing all 30 Major League clubs -- assemble in the desert for a six-week showcase circuit -- the Arizona Fall League. And on Sunday, the cream of the AFL prospect crop are set to participate in the 17th annual Fall Stars Game at Mesa's Sloan Park at 8 p.m. ET.

The Fall Stars Game will air live on MLB Network and stream live on (including atop this story), with Gregg Caserta, Rubén Amaro Jr. and Jonathan Mayo on the call.

Previous years' versions of the Fall Stars Game helped launch the likes of Mike Trout, Mookie Betts and Vladimir Guerrero Jr. onto bigger stages.

Jordan Walker, Heston Kjerstad, Lawrence Butler, Masyn Winn and the game's MVP Matt "Mash" Mervis were among last year’s group that reached the Majors in 2023. The Twins' Royce Lewis was named the MVP of the Fall Stars Game and the Fall League in 2019. They join an impressive cast of former prospects who have left their mark in Fall League lore, including All-Stars Gerrit Cole and Max Scherzer.

For the second straight year, the Fall Stars Game will be a competition between American League prospects vs. National League prospects. Surprise Saguaros manager Carlos Cardoza of the Rangers organization will be at the helm for the AL team, while Scottsdale Scorpions skipper Marty Malloy of the Philadelphia Phillies organization will manage the NL side. These skippers -- and their coaching staffs -- were selected as their respective AFL clubs had the best record at the time of selection from their respective leagues.

Overall, nine of MLB Pipeline’s Top 100 prospects were voted in by AFL staff, farm directors and writers, with the American League squad boasting seven of them: Colson Montgomery (No. 17), Carson Williams (No. 19), Kyle Manzardo (No. 58), Jace Jung (No. 67) and Chase DeLauter (No. 85). Ricky Tiedemann (No. 31) and Jackson Jobe (No. 54) were voted in but will not participate.

Kevin Alcántara (No. 71) and Kevin Parada (No. 89) will suit up for the NL club.


National League

1. Victor Scott II, CF (STL No. 4)
2. Gabriel Rincones Jr., RF (PHI No. 9)
3. Wes Clarke, 1B (MIL)
4. Oliver Dunn, 2B (PHI)
5. Benny Montgomery, DH (COL No. 8)
6. Jakob Marsee, LF (SD No. 12)
7. Jacob Berry, 3B (MIA No. 4)
8. Michael Trautwein, C (CIN)
9. Eric Brown Jr., SS (MIL No. 10)

SP: Tekoah Roby, RHP (STL No. 5)

American League

1. Ryan Bliss, 2B (SEA No. 14)
2. Chase DeLauter, RF (CLE No. 4/MLB No. 85)
3. Kyle Manzardo, 1B (CLE No. 2/MLB No. 58)
4. Tyler Locklear, DH (SEA No. 11)
5. Damiano Palmegiani, 3B (TOR No. 18)
6. Colson Montgomery, SS (CWS No. 1/MLB No. 17)
7. Liam Hicks, C (TEX)
8. Will Robertson, LF (TOR)
9. Corey Rosier, CF (BOS)

SP: CJ Van Eyk, RHP (TOR)